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5 Best Amino Supplements In 2020


Are Amino Acids Necessary?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. All the different types of proteins inside our body are built from a collection of 20 different types of amino acids. Amino acids are grouped into 3 categories; essential, non-essential, and conditional. Essential amino acids are 9 of the 20 amino acids that our body uses to make protein. It is necessary to consume best amino supplements available in the market because your body can not make them by itself. Three of the 9 essential amino acids are referred to as BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) because of their chemical structure. The other 11 as you may have guessed are non-essential or conditional amino acids. Conditional amino acids are only produced under specific circumstances. For instance, if you are dealing with stress then conditional amino acids would be produced. To know more about the essential, non-essential, and conditional amino acids take a look at the table below.

Essential amino acidsNon-essential amino acidsConditional amino acids
Methionineaspartic acidglutamine
Phenylalanineglutamic acidtyrosine

The * amino acids are BCAAs. The BCAAs make up 30-40% of essential amino acids that help build up muscles. 

Who Need Amino Acids

As mentioned above, the essential amino acids are not produced by our body itself. Therefore, it is necessary to ingest them through food and supplements. Although the amino acids are important to everyone there are some people that require them more than others. Below are a few of them. 

  • Athletes who want to support their endurance and recovery.
  • Folks who want a good dose of glutamine with their BCAAs
  • Folks who want to consume extra B6 and glutamine to achieve their goals.
  • People who want to boost their testosterone production may value the high zinc content

Top Amino Acid Brands

Once upon a time, amino acid supplements were just consumed by the most hardcore lifters. But today people of all types not only use them but they compare them like fine wines. The ingredient profile matters and taste? You better believe that matters too. All of the top amino acid supplement brands have locked their horns to make the best amino acid supplement. Well, few of them have come close. 

Scivation Xtend

Scivation Xtend

It is tough to top the Scivation when it comes to the best amino supplements. Founded in 2004, this brand has launched products in almost every niche in the supplement market. But they are widely associated with their amino supplements. They have a variety of products when it comes to amino supplements. Xtend is the signature of their brand. Xtend amino acid supplements are available in capsules, fluid, and naturally sweetened varieties. 

So, why are the Scivation amino supplements known as one of the best in the market? Well, there are various reasons but the one in particular that sets them apart is that they have an extra ingredient that is the electrolyte. Although there are other brands that have tried to come up with a similar formula but the Scivation Xtend BCAA products remain unmatched. 

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition is unarguably one of the best, if not the best supplement brand in the world. This company has dominated the supplement market for over 30 years. Optimum Nutrition claims to fuel your fitness to its fullest potential. It is one of the top-rated and most reviewed products on not only Amazon but a bunch of other websites. Optimum Nutrition may be well-known for its protein product but it has certainly made its name when it comes to amino supplements. It has produced various amino supplements over the years with Essential Amino. Energy standing out (this product is explained in detail below). 

Evlution nutrition

Evlution nutrition

Evlution Nutrition was founded in 2012 and launched its first product in 2013. Since then they have not looked back. The Evlution Nutrition has certainly given the “heavyweights” a tough time in the market. They have launched a variety of products that assist fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals. EVL Nutrition aims to provide its customers with top-notch service as well as quality. If we look at the best amino supplements that they have produced then the BCAA5000 powder and the BCAA energy are the ones that have caught the public eye. 

BPI sports

BPI sports

The BPI sports first came onto the scene in 2009. The BPI supplements may have joined the party late but they certainly have not wasted any time. This brand is set out to enhance the lives of the customers with its unmatched products. The BPI sports are known for coming up with premium quality products and their amino supplements are no exception. The BPI sports’s Best Aminos has certainly lived up to the expectation with its astounding formula and taste. This product comes in 2 flavors that are fruit punch and arctic ice. The BPI BCAA supplements may not be as popular as the ones mentioned above but are certainly growing and are challenging the big ones of the supplement market. 


Cellucor is an American brand that specializes in bodybuilding and dietary supplements. From pre-workout to post-workout, Cellucor has launched a variety of products that have been mostly well-received. Although the C4 may be the most popular supplement of Cellucor, the amino supplements of this company are also gaining popularity. Cellucor has 4 amino supplements that are Alpha Amino BCAA, Alpha Amino Ultimate, and BCAA sport. All of them are available in a variety of flavors except for the BCAA sport that has only one flavor that is cherry limeade. If you want a broader look into the Cellucor amino acid supplements then take a look below. We have explained the Cellucor Alpha Amino, which is the top-rated Cellucor amino supplement, in detail. 


MuscleTech has been delivering well-researched and unmatched quality supplements for over 20 years. If there is one brand that can give Optimum Nutrition a run for their money then MuscleTech is the one. Yeah, it is that good. From building muscles to losing weight MuscleTech has produced nearly all sorts of supplements that assist you achieve your goals. If we take a look at the MuscleTech amino supplements then there are 3 products that stand out. Those supplements are Platinum Amino + Energy, Amino Build, and the Amino Build next-gen. The Amino Build Next-gen ingredients and effectiveness is clarified below. 

Best Amino Acid Supplements

The amino supplement market is becoming crowded with each passing day. There are numerous brands that claim to have the best amino supplements in the world. From the customer’s perspective, it can become pretty complicated to sort out fact from fiction. Thankfully you have got your work cut out for you. How? Well, we have compiled a list of best BCAA and amino acid supplements of 2020. So, without further ado let’s dig in shall we?



This product is an amino blend but it also contains stimulants. These stimulants assist in keeping your energy levels up throughout the day. The ON ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY has a unique blend of ingredients and contains BCAAs which helps in muscle recovery. It also has arginine in it which is a precursor to nitric oxide that increases blood flow and gives you that “muscle pump” while you are working out.

The OPTIMUM NUTRITION ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. Energy also has beta-alanine which helps to delay fatigue. The energy blend in this product contains caffeine from both green tea extract and green coffee extract. The OPTIMUM NUTRITION ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY electrolytes will give you about 160 milligrams of caffeine per two scoops serving. You can use this product as a pre-workout or even during a workout to help deliver an extra boost. The OPTIMUM AMIN.O. ENERGY comes in 15 flavors that include watermelon and wild berry.

MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen

MuscleTech really has hit a home run with the Amino Build Next Gen. Marketed as a performance-enhancing BCAA formula, this supplement has undergone clinical trials to verify its effectiveness. This formula is produced to feature micronized BCAAs, betaine, and cell volumizers. All of these work in sync to replenish your electrolytes, aid in recovery, and give you a performance boost when you are deep in your workout. 

The MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen is available in a variety of flavors including fruit punch, icy rocket freeze, watermelon, and white raspberry. This product mixes easily with water, though a rigorous shake is required to achieve complete miscibility. The MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen is not exactly a deterrent and neither is off-putting as we subconsciously do with other shakes. With its great taste and muscle building formula, this could be the performance supplement you have been looking for. 

Scivation Xtend

Scivation Xtend

The Scivation Xtend is one of the most powerful amino acid supplements in the market. It is a BCAA blend that contains 7 grams of the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids are present in the ratio of 2:1:1. Scivation BCAA supplement also contains citrulline malate, glutamine, and electrolytes. Each serving has 3 and a half grams of leucine which is a key player when it comes to muscle growth. The other two amino acids isoleucine and valine can serve as important energy sources during exercise. 

The Scivation Xtend energy has also been shown to speed up the recovery process and reduce muscle soreness post-workout. When used during your workouts they can help you train longer and with more intensity. The Scivation Xtend BCAA powder has zero carbs and zero sugars.

Cellucor Alpha Amino

Cellucor Alpha Amino

The next on the list is Cellucor Alpha Amino BCAA. This supplement helps with muscle recovery, muscle retention, and endurance. Let’s just get into its ingredients. The Cellucor Alpha Amino BCAA has 5 grams of the BCAAs. It also contains glutamine. When we workout we are depleting glutamine levels that we have and it takes a while for us to recover from that. So, obviously supplementing with glutamine is beneficial as it can help boost our recovery process. Another notable ingredient is pentane which is made from beets. It helps with the protein synthesis that assists us in getting more gains in the gym. The Cellucor Alpha Amino BCAA comes in 5 flavors that are watermelon lemon-lime, icy blue razz, fruit punch, and grape.

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