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Collagen Peptides: Types, Benefits And Side Effects


Out of all structural proteins, collagen is considered one of the essential proteins. A “deserving” title, perhaps. The main reason behind this is collagen’s role in making our tissues grow and keeping our skin young. Yet, as your age increases, the abilities of collagen get weak. That is why you need to find a solution. If you do not know what to do, there is no need to worry. I have got the perfect solution to your problems. The best way to get rid of this problem is to supplement collagen peptides. That being said, let us get more in detail as to what is collagen and how collagen peptides powder is helpful? 

What Are Collagen Peptides?

What Are Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are a source of protein and healthy nutrition. These nutritional properties of collagen supplements help in increasing the health of bones and joints. They also help in protecting your skin from any harm. 

What Is Collagen

As mentioned before, collagen is one of the main abundant proteins that are present in your body. Collagen is made up of amino acids. As collagen is the main component of connective tissues, scientists consider it the most crucial protein in all mammals. Studies show that collagen makes up 25% to 35% of the whole protein content present in your body. 

What Is Hydrolyzed Collagen? 

Another term used for collagen is hydrolyzed collagen. Now, hydrolyzed collagen is collagen that has been broken down into smaller pieces. The hydrolyzed collagen powder is much easier to consume and can be absorbed without showing any significant difficulty. Hydrolyzed Collagen is also superior in quality. That is why a lot of people prefer taking hydrolyzed collagen powder instead of a regular collagen supplement. 

Types Of Collagen

Experts believe that there are various types of collagen supplements. One should choose the collagen supplement that meets their goals when selecting a collagen type. Here are the most common types of collagen supplements. 

Type 1: This type of collagen is among the essential collagen types in the human body. It helps in supporting healthy skin. 

Type 2: This type is only present in cartilage. That being said, this type helps promote joint health. 

Type 3: Improvement of elasticity is substantial. This type is vital as it promotes the health of the skin by improving elasticity. 

Type 10: This type of collagen is considered one of the most common collagen types. This type is also found in cartilage, and it helps in promoting bone health and development. 

What is Collagen Made Of? 

Collagen is made up of three polypeptide chains. Also known as alpha chains, these chains form triple helical macromolecules. Glycine is present in the third residue in the collagen sequence, dividing the three chain formation into a triple-helical structure. The common feature for all collagens is a course that can be represented as (GLY-X-Y)*n. Here Y and X are represented by Hydroxyproline (HYP) and Proline (Pro).  

What Does Collagen Do? 

As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen plays a vital role in relieving joint pain, preventing bone loss, and improves your skin health. Not only this, but collagen also plays a massive role in making your tissues grow mature and move. 

Although collagen helps you a lot, as you grow old, the abilities of collagen get weak. That is why it is essential to consume collagen powders or supplements. But, what are collagen supplements? 

Benefits Of Collagen Peptides

As discussed earlier, there are a lot of benefits of collagen peptides. Thus, to make it more “convincing,” here are some of the vital collagen benefits. 

1- Collagen Peptides Help In Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Let’s take a peek at the collagen powder benefits. We will see that collagen is a significant component of your skin. It plays a huge part in strengthening your skin. But, as you age, your body’s ability to produce collagen gets weak. This is why people in mid-40s and 50s witness dry skin and wrinkles. 

Yet, this is not it. Every problem has a solution, and the answer to this problem will make you extremely satisfied. Different studies have shown that supplementing the collagen protein powder can slow the aging of your skin. This will happen as collagen supplements reduce wrinkles and dryness. 

In another study, several people took a collagen supplement that contained 2.5 to 5 grams of collagen for eight straight weeks. The study concluded that all of the people taking collagen peptides experiences less dry skin. 

Many wonder how does a supplement of collagen help in reducing wrinkles. The answer is simple: collagen peptides only help stimulate your body to produce collagen on its own. That is it. 

Several studies have also shown that when a person consumes collagen supplements regularly, one may promote other proteins that are beneficial for the skin. 

2- Collagen Peptides Aid In Relieving Joint Pain

As your age increases, your cartilage becomes weak. Now, cartilage is a rubber-like tissue that plays a considerable role in protecting your joints. Consuming collagen powder can help in maintaining your cartilage. Not only this but as you get older, the amount of collagen in your body decreases. This can result in developing degenerative joint disorders, for instance, osteoarthritis. Collagen supplements are helpful in many ways. Some studies have shown that if you consume the right amount of collagen supplements, you can reduce joint pain and improve osteoarthritis symptoms. 

In one study, more than 70 athletes consumed 10 grams of collagen every day for 24 weeks. As a result, they experienced a massive decrease in their joint pain. Many experts have speculated that supplementing collagen peptides can help gather cartilage and spur tissues to produce collagen. As they take it, this may lead to a decrease in inflammation, an increase in support to your joints, and a reduction of pain. 

3- Collagen peptides Can Prevent Bone Loss

In a recent discovery, scientists have found out that the bones of a human being are mostly collagen. This helps them in shaping the structure and keeps them healthy as well. Similar to collagen, the bone mass also deteriorates as you age. This may result in osteoporosis, which is a great risk of bone fractures. Recent studies have shown that consuming collagen protein supplements can help prevent the bones’ breakdown that leads to osteoporosis. In one study, several people consumed a calcium supplement combined with five grams of collagen for at least 12 months daily. At the end of the course, the women who took collagen pills had experienced a decrease in blood levels of proteins that promoted bone breakdown. In another similar study, 66 women took a collagen supplement with five grams of collagen for 12 months. As a result, all people showed a surprise increase of 7% in their bone mineral density. 

4- A collagen supplement can help in Boosting Muscle Mass

If we look at the statistics, we can see that from 1% to 10% of muscle tissue is collagen. Now, collagen plays a vital role in keeping your muscles healthy. Some studies suggest that consuming collagen protein powder can boost muscle mass in people who have sarcopenia. ( A condition in which one experienced the loss of muscle mass with age). Another study shows that 27 people took 15 grams of liquid collagen or collagen powder during an exercise program for 12 weeks. Compared to the people who did not take the collagen peptides during the exercise, they gained more muscle mass and strength. 

Best Collagen Supplements

Best Collagen Supplements

Are you feeling itchy in choosing the best collagen supplements? If you are, then here are the best seller collagen peptide supplements across the world. 

1- Vital Proteins Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides

The vital proteins grass-fed collagen powder is amongst the most famous collagen supplements in the whole world. This collagen peptide is entirely dairy and gluten-free. 

It is a highly bioavailable and tasteless powder. Another good thing about the vital proteins collagen supplements is that they can dissolve quickly in any beverage without even changing the taste. 

This collagen supplement is sourced from pasture-raised and grass-fed cows. It is free of pesticide-laden feed grains. A study shows that Vital proteins are specially made for maximizing performance. Thus, the vital protein collagen supplements can help long-distance runners and weakened athletes. 

2- Reserveage Nutrition Ultra Collagen Booster

The Reserveage Nutrition Collagen peptides are specially made for healing sun-damaged skin. These collagen capsules target aging as well. Scientists consider this collagen capsule as an all in one skin booster. 

The reason behind this is that these collagen peptides are a combination of type 2 collagen, powerful antioxidants, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, and natural skin-firming botanicals. 

The involvement of all these maximizes the effects of collagen. Studies have proved that the Reserveage collagen supplements can have a positive impact on joint health and can help in decreasing joint pain. 

3- Garden of Life Collagen Beauty Strawberry Lemonade

A lot of people consume collagen peptides by mixing them up with shakes and smoothies. The Garden Of Life Collagen supplement is significant for smoothies and shake lovers. 

This collagen powder can be mixed with any shake or smoothie. The Garden Collagen supplements are manufactured with the best plant-derived ingredients and an uncommon grass-fed bovine collagen with type 1 and type 3. 

Type 1 is found in skin, nails, and hair), while type 3 is located in skin, muscles, and blood vessels). These are highly absorbable collagen peptides that consist of high levels of amino acids. Fortunately, all of the Garden Life Collagen supplements are non-GMO certified and tested, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and keto certified. 

4- Nordic Naturals Marine Collagen Powder

The Nordic Naturals Collagen powder is highly helpful for all consumers. This collagen peptide contains vitamin c for antioxidant support. The Nordic Naturals Collagen powder delivers a minimal number of collagen peptides. This small number of collagen peptides maintain the body’s own ability of collagen-producing cells. 

5- NeoCell Super Collagen

The NeoCell Super collagen is a highly beneficial collagen powder that helps in increasing skin hydration and firmness. This collagen supplement is highly effective as it has a 90% absorption rate. The Neocell Super collagen supplement is manufactured to get into your bloodstream quickly. This way, your body can increase collagen production. It is imperative. According to research, our body produces a lower amount of collagen by the age of 20s. When we get to the age of 60, our body has a significantly less amount of collagen. We only produce half of what we created when we were younger. This can lead to a long term loss of skin elasticity. Consuming NeoCell super Collagen can help a lot as it can make your skin look younger.  

Supplementing collagen can help a lot, no doubt, yet you need to add something extra if you want to get the maximum effect. That is why you should consume foods that can assist. 

Foods For Collagen

Foods For Collagen

Apart from collagen supplements, one needs to adapt to many other ways as well. That is why you should eat the following foods. 

1- Chicken

Do you know from where are the leading collagen supplements derived from? Well, the majority of the collagen peptides are made from chicken. The reason behind this is that chicken is rich in connective tissues. One way to check that is to cut the chicken. When you cut a chicken, you will notice a lot of connective tissues. These tissues make chicken a rich source of collagen. 

2- Sea Food

Similar to other animals, different fish and shellfish are considered a rich source of collagen. The reason behind this is the bones of shellfish and fish are made up of collagen. Many people believe that marine collagen is one of the most easily absorbed collagens. There is one thing you must be vigilant about. Studies have shown that the “meat” of fish contains a lesser amount of collagen than the other parts. The parts of fish that are higher in collagen are its head, scales, and eyeballs. Most importantly, the skin of a fish is a very rich source for collagen peptides. 

3- Garlic

Garlic is among the best foods that you can consume for collagen. Garlic has a great ability to boost the production of collagen. Studies show that Garlic is high in sulfur. Sulfur is a trace mineral that aids in preventing the breakdown of collagen. If you want to get the maximum effect, you should consume a large amount of Garlic. 


Tomatoes are a rich source of collagen. As tomatoes contain vitamin c, it is assumed that one medium tomato can provide you with at least 30% vitamin C for collagen. Tomatoes can also boost a high amount of lycopene. Lycopene is a potent antioxidant for the skin. 

5- Bell Peppers

Just like tomatoes, bell peppers are also a high source of vitamin Cs. Bell peppers contain capsaicin. Capsaicin is an anti-inflammatory compound that may help in combating signs of aging. 

Although the collagen peptides are quite helpful in many ways, there are many collagen side effects as well. Read on below to find out more about the side effects of collagen peptides. 

Side Effects Of Collagen Peptides

Side Effects Of Collagen Peptides

Similar to other supplements, a collagen peptide can possess harm as well. Although the side effects of collagen are less than its health benefits, you still need to stay a bit vigilant. So, here are the most common collagen side effects. 

1- Heartburn

Heartburn is a burning feeling that occurs in your chest. Heartburn occurs with a bitter taste in the mouth and throat. Experts believe that if a person eats a large meal or lies down after dinner, one may worsen heartburn. Studies have shown that collagen supplements are also a major cause of heartburn. Although this problem is a bit minor, you need to take care of yourself. Yet, you can successfully treat heartburn at home. But, if you experience heartburn more often and find it difficult to swallow, you may be suffering from a more serious medical problem. 

2- Feelings of Fullness

Another side effect of collagen peptides is that you may suppress appetite when you consume these supplements frequently. Studies have shown that as collagen is a protein, it can initiate a state of satiety. Satiety is a state that releases leptin hormones. These hormones spread signals that make you feel full. Thus, when you consume collagen supplements, one may suppress appetite. This can be harmful, as you may end up losing insignificant amounts of weight. 

3- Diarrhea

Although not life-threatening, at some point, diarrhea can be uncomfortable. Several different factors can cause diarrhea. Supplementing collagen is amongst them. Many scientists believe that you may suffer from diarrhea if you overdose on the number of collagen peptides. If you do not get yourself treated, the situation may deteriorate, and you may have to stop taking collagen supplements

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