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Can You Gain Mass By Using Biotin Weight Gain?


About two-thirds of people in the US are either overweight or fat. Chubbiness has become a big problem in the US. However, there are a lot of people who are experiencing the opposite problem. They are interested in gaining some weight instead of losing it. There are some people who believe that Biotin aids in gaining weight. Is it proven or not? If true, then how does biotin help you to gain weight? In this post, we will go step by step to analyze whether the biotin weight gain theory is real or just a myth?

What Is Biotin?

Biotin is a B-vitamin. It is a water-soluble vitamin. It is generally known as vitamin B-7. Biotin works as a coenzyme in our body. It helps in carrying out essential biochemical processes like fatty acid metabolism and carbohydrate. The human body uses Vitamin B7 (Biotin) to transform some nutrients into energy.

For a long time, vitamin B7 was considered to be useful in preventing hair from getting thin. It was also believed to enhance the quality of skin and nails. Yet, the scientific community does not support these arguments and does not provide any evidence to prove them.

How Does Biotin Work?

Vitamin B7 comes from the family of B vitamins. Biotin acts as a coenzyme. It implies that some enzymes in our body need biotin to work in a proper way. These enzymes essentially improve the functions of the intestinal tract, nervous system and skin. According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, biotin deficiency is a very exceptional situation. The reason is that it is needed in a small quantity. There are a number of different foods we take on a daily basis, which provide us with Biotin. In addition to this, our body also has the capability of recycling the biotin which has already been used by it.

Is Biotin Weight Gain Assumption True?

There are a lot of people who consider that biotin helps them to gain more weight. Is it really true? Can you really gain weight by taking Biotin? There is no scientific evidence that proves that biotin can be used to gain weight. No study has shown the direct relationship between biotin and height growth. So, no scientific research shows that biotin weight gain theory is true.

How Much Biotin Should I Take?

Generally, Biotin is produced in the form of a pill. But there are a number of companies which offer the biotin in a liquid form. No matter what type of shape it is in, the recommended dose for the individuals of 18 years of age or older is 30 milligrams per day. It is up to you whether you take the pill during the meal after it.

There are a bunch of foods which contain biotin in them in a large quantity. That is why it is an exceptional case to have a biotin deficiency in any person. Almonds, milk, cauliflower, spinach, cheese, mushroom and sweet potatoes are some foods which contain a lot of biotin in them.

Side Effects of Taking Biotin

There is no case of experiencing any side effects by using Biotin.

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