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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Mass Gainers


1) What are Mass Gainers? Do they work?

While a lot of people are interested in shedding some extra pounds, some have interests contrary to this. They are striving to gain weight. When hashing overweight gaining, the first thing that clicks the mind is eating chips, burgers, and ice-creams. These foods may help you gain weight but it is 99% fat, that you would not want to have. That is where mass gainers come in handy.

A mass gainer, aka weight gainer, refers to a supplement rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, calories, and fats. All these nutrients are greatly beneficial for those aiming to put on weight and build muscles. If you have been working out for a long time but not gaining weight, it is time to add some mass gain supplements into your diet.

Who Should Use Weight Gainer?

Anyone willing to bulk up can use weight gainer shakes. These are the people who are more likely to end up as a hunky muscular athlete at the end.

  • People Having Fast Metabolisms: If you are the one having a fast metabolism, you may struggle to put on weight. If this is the case, consider adding mass gainers to your diet. These calorie-rich foods increase your daily calorie intake and make your body gain extra pounds.
  • Athletes: Mass gainers not only help athletes to gain more weight. But the high protein in mass gain supplements provides them with extra energy helping them to outperform in sports. Hence, using mass gainers gives you an edge in sports over your competitors along with making you muscular.
  • Bodybuilding And Weightlifters: Weightlifters, bodybuilding enthusiasts use weight gainer shakes and powders to pack on muscle mass. They have to consume thousands of calories and hundreds of grams of protein each day. That is where taking the best mass gainer fulfills all these nutritional needs without making your stomach upset.
  • Men And Women: No matter what your gender is, you should add mass gainers to your diet if your goal is to gain weight. Despite that women need fewer calories than men, yet they still need an extra boost to pace up their mass gaining process.

How Mass Gain Supplements Benefit You?

There are plenty of reasons why you should add a weight gain supplement to your diet when being muscular appeals to you. Let us delve into some benefits of using mass gainers.

  • The most obvious one is to put on more mass – which is in fact the primary use of a bodybuilding mass gainer.
  • Mass gainers help you meet extreme calorie requirements to gain weight. It is not feasible to meet these requirements by eating a lot of food.
  • Using weight gainer shakes is the best way to build muscle mass.
  • Mass gainers not only help to gain weight but also help in weight management especially for endurance athletes.
  • Proteins, carbohydrates, and L-glutamine are the primary ingredients in the best weight gainer. weight gainer supplement. They help in the recovery process after an extreme workout.

Are Weight Gainers Worth It?

You really don’t need a weight gainer if you can meet your nutritional requirements to increase mass. However, it is not easy to meet these massive nutritional needs as excessive eating can disrupt your metabolism. On the other hand, weight gainers provide all these nutrients in just a few scoops. Hence, it is an easy addition to have a weight gainer in your diet to help you bulk up. Though some mass gain supplements use substandard ingredients and do not meet the quality standards. Grabbing a supplement carefully will help you get the best weight gainer for you.

Do Mass Gainers Work?

Some people get disappointed after noticing no increase on their weighing machine. Keep in mind that a weight gain supplement should be used with intense training for the desired results. Without training, you will gain mass with weight gainers but it will be fat. Get your body through some intense workout to let the weight gainer work and gain some muscle mass.

2) What is the best Mass gainer?

The question of what is best has no value. It is you who matters. That is why you should choose the mass gainers which you deem suitable. The opinions of other people should not create a fuss. But, no matter if you are a beginner or not, you may need some advice. As, even the experts need to be aware of the new facts.

Furthermore, you should take advice from a nutritionist or your workout planner. Before taking the mass gainer supplements. The bulk of the mass gainer supplements contain protein. So, if you are suffering from dairy allergy, you should consult an expert. Furthermore, if you are lactose intolerant, switch to a protein isolate powder. You can also try a non-dairy protein powder. Moving on, here are a few trusted mass gainers that the best nutritionists recommend.

A) Optimum Nutrition

According to the expert nutritionists, the optimum mass gainer should be your favorable choice. The best thing about the optimum nutrition weight gainer is that the calories per serving are low. Moreover, here are a few supplement facts for each serving of optimum nutrition mass gainer.

  • Protein =60 grams ( source is whey protein, casein protein, and eggs)
  • Carb = 85 grams
  • Calories= 650
  • Fat = Eight grams

B) MuscleTech

The Muscletech weight gainer helps you a lot in gaining weight. A MuscleTech pro series mass gainer provides you with the energy you need. Furthermore, a MuscleTech mass tech supplement assists in enhancing your size. The initial goal of every person who takes mass gainers. The Muscletech weight gainer contains:

  • Calories = 840
  • Protein = 63 grams ( protein source is whey and casein)
  • Carbs = 132 grams
  • Fat = 7 grams

C) Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition has been serving its customers for three decades now. No one can surpass them in terms of experience. The quality of the universal mass gainer supplements has been top-notch since the beginning. A universal mass gainer also contains a low amount of calories. Alongside this, the universal muscle gainer products are lower in carbs. A universal mass gainer contains:

  • Calories = 601
  • Protein = 52 grams
  • Carbs = 87 grams
  • Fat = five grams

D) Evlution Nutrition

Ever mass gainer supplement enlisted up there contains two types of protein. Whey protein and casein protein. However, the EVL mass gainer is a bit different. The EVL stacked protein gainer contains only the whey protein. One fun fact about whey protein is that it is easier to digest. This one simple change makes the EVL gainer a bit different from the other mass gainers. So, here is some information for each serving of Evlution stacked protein gainer:

  • Calories = 1250
  • Protein = 50 grams
  • Carbs = 250 grams
  • Fat = Six Grams

E) MusclePharm

The MusclePharm Combat XL is special. Although MP gainer is like most of the mass gainer products, it holds a simple advantage. The MP Combat XL is one of the few mass gainer supplements that have been individually tested for banned ingredients. Combat XL mass gainer has a seal of approval. This ensures that the mass gainer supplement you are about to take is safe. Moreover, here are a few facts for one serving:

  • Calories= 1270
  • Protein = 50 grams
  • Carbs = 252 grams
  • Fat = Seven grams

3) What really helps in Mass Gainers?

You may have heard people say that “being healthy is all about eating certain food”, it is an old cliche, isn’t it? Actually, when it comes to gaining weight, it is really all about calories and micronutrients. This is where supplements to gain weight come into play. Now many people, especially newbies, complain about weight gainers and their effects? This is because they do not have the significant information and have been misguided. So, if you are looking to gain mass then you may want to look below.

Common Ingredients in Supplements for Weight Gain

Nowadays, bodybuilding supplements stores are jam-packed with mass gainers. It is becoming increasingly tough to distinguish what works and what does not. So, how can you know what is the best weight gainer bodybuilding? Well, take an extensive look at the ingredients list of the product before you buy it. There are several effectual ingredients that you would find common in the best gainer for bodybuilding products.

Glutamine and creatine are one of the most popular ingredients found in the best mass gainer bodybuilding products. You would also find a motherload of BCAAs. BCAAs help you pack on mass without having to track huge amounts of solid food. Most of the bulk muscle gainers also offer a combo of l glutamine and taurine. These are two of the most naturally occurring forms of amino acids found in human muscles.

How Mass Gainers Help your Body

Not everyone has the time to sit down the whole day consuming large amounts of food. So, mass gainer protein powders are the most pragmatic solution for people. Serious mass bodybuilding gainers are an effective way to increase your daily calorie intake. Weight gainer shakes provide your body with essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. Whey mass gainers do not only give you added strength but also help in faster muscle recovery after an intense workout. So, if you act rationally and choose the best weight gainer bodybuilding according to your needs then you would see instant results.

When should you Take Bodybuilding Weight Gainers

The consumption of body mass gainer varies from person to person. Everyone has a unique body which makes it essential for one to know its body. Below are some the typical users of lean mass gainers.

  • Athletes: If you are looking to improve your athletic performance then it does not hurt to use muscle gainers. For modern athletes adding muscle mass does help avoid bone and tendon tear injuries. So, when you take bodybuilding mass gainers you are consuming more calories than you are actually burning calories.
  • Skinny People: If you have a lean body or below average weight and you are looking to bulk it up then you should take mass gainer protein powders. Mass muscle gainers provide you with some serious weight gaining support.
  • Mass Gainer for Hardgainers: If you like beasting it up in the Gym then lean gainers are for you. Serious mass gainer bodybuilding products supply your body with all the tools it needs to develop the physique that you have been longing for.

4) What are Vegan Mass Gainers?

Gaining weight or muscle mass is just the same for a vegetarian as it is for anybody else. It could be incredibly frustrating and challenging for anyone determined to put on weight. It involves a change in lifestyle and the eating routine. Being a vegetarian does not mean you can not consume bodybuilding supplements with protein being bodybuilding supplements active ingredient. Saying no to meat can not be paralleled with, saying no protein supplements.

Your body, besides working out, needs supplements to boost the process of muscle growth and development. Consuming vegan food does not imply that you have to remove basic important nutrients from your diet because they are obtained from animals. There is always an alternative, and so is in the case of protein consumed by the vegans. The protein in this case, well, of course, is plant-based.

What to do to Gain Weight as a Vegan?

First things first. All you need to do is modify your whole lifestyle. From making workout part of your routine to changing your sleeping schedule and your diet. All you are required to do is add extra calories to your diet. The number of calories you should consume relates directly to the amount of weight you want to put on. For example:

    • Consume 250 per day for less than 10 pounds of weight gain
    • Consume 500 per day for more than 10 pounds of weight gain

If you are still facing trouble regarding weight gain, it is because the intake is not enough. Not as much as it is required. To achieve the desired results, vegan mass gainers come to your help. Call them a blessing in disguise, if you may.

Vegan Mass Gainers

If you are a vegetarian and go meatless, you can still supplement your diet to gain mass and build muscles. Vegetarian protein powders are the vegan mass gainers to help you fuel your workout. The organic plant-based protein powder allows your body to achieve the daily surplus in a convenient way. Each of the organic mass gainers has a different formula with a unique combination of all the basic ingredients. All the vegan gainers stimulate building muscles and gain mass with the respective essential components required in them. In doing so, they help you get ripped and improve your workout routine to a great extent. Some of the common types of the best vegan mass gainer powder are:

      • Whey
      • Non-whey
      • Dairy-free
      • Lactose-free
      • Rice protein
      • Organic

It is advisable and considered more important to consume vegan gainers creating a mix of them by combining several types. Some of the best vegan mass gainer and vegetarian mass gainer in the form of powders are:

      • Soy protein powder
      • Hemp protein powder
      • Whey protein powder
      • Casein protein powder
      • Brown rice protein powder
      • Yellow pea protein powder
      • Egg protein powder
      • Mixed protein powder

When to consume Vegan Gainers?

The basic purpose of the plant-based vegan gainers is to increase the intake of calories in the body. They give an incredible boost to muscle growth and mass gain. To consume them in the morning means giving your day a kick start. Whereas, the intake at night assist regulate muscle protein metabolism resulting in improved athletic performance. You can ingest them in pre- and post workout snacks. The most ideal time, however, to consume the mass gain supplements is post workout. You supply your muscles with amino acids needed for them to regrow and rebuild by consuming mass protein right after a workout. However, the number of times vegan gainers can be consumed per day varies from person to person depending on the individual needs.

5) What are the Side Effects of Mass Gainers?

Mass gainer shakes or muscle building supplements are a treat for bodybuilding freaks. Without a doubt, the mass protein supplements do help in building the size of muscles. You can boost up your bodybuilding pace and performance by taking such supplements. However, it ain’t wise to resort to a regime including the use of various muscle gainers without knowing its side effects. Along with many gains, there are some drawbacks too of taking mass gainers. Here is how mass protein shakes can negatively impact your body.

Insomnia Due To Mass Gainer Protein Powder?

People often suffer from insomnia due to the use of bodybuilding mass gainers. The reason is that their body is intolerant of these supplements. Their nervous system treats these mass proteins as foreign entities causing the stress. Thus, as a response, it turns on the body’s sympathetic system to stimulate the production of adrenaline. And it is the presence of adrenaline in the body which keeps them awake through the night.

Weight Gainer Protein Causes Kidney Failure?

Over time, many people have complained about getting kidney failure due to their use of mass gain supplements. But is it really caused by mass gainers? The function of the kidneys is to filter the blood and remove toxins from it. After consuming proteins, the toxins levels in the body are increased. A healthy kidney can work at a much faster rate and remove double the amount of toxins from the body. However, the rate of filtration is less in people suffering from kidney damage. Thus, their kidneys get into a lot of stress if their protein consumption is high. As a result, their already damaged kidneys deteriorate further. Hence, mass gainers often prove bad for them. However, studies don’t show any negative impact of mass protein shakes on healthy kidneys.

Digestion Problem With Whey Mass Gainers?

Various cases are reported where people complain about digestion problems and bloating occurring due to weight gainer shakes. It occurs because the body is unable to digest whey proteins or carbohydrates present in the pre and post workout supplements. It is so because some people do not have the enzymes that break down these components naturally. These digestive enzymes are:

      • Protease: it helps in breaking down proteins into amino acids.
      • Amylase: it is responsible for breaking down macro carbohydrates into simple sugars.
      • Lipase: it helps in converting fat molecules into fatty acids.

The absence of any of these enzymes causes problems in the digestion of related components.

Do Muscle Building Supplements Cause High Blood Pressure?

Mass gainers are high-calorie supplements. Most of these calories are present in the form of carbohydrates and fats. If the body fails to consume all these extra calories, these begin to accumulate as fat molecules. As the fat accumulation increases in the body, there is vasoconstriction which leads to high blood pressure and cardiac diseases.

Moreover, the weight gainer shakes are taken with High-intensity Workouts (HIIT). When you do HIIT, normally your blood pressure will increase due to hormonal secretions aiding your workout. If someone has a history of diabetes or cardiac diseases, this high blood pressure can affect their health.

Along with the benefits of using mass gainers, there are several setbacks too. Considering all these side effects, one must be careful in the use of muscle building supplements. We recommend you always consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting to use any pre and post workout supplements. What works for someone else may not always work for you.

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