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A Healthy Lifestyle lead by Nutritional Vitamins is a Secure Way


Why Do You Need Multivitamins If You are Healthy?

Vitamins and minerals are needed to function properly. Your body needs at least 16 minerals and 13 essential vitamins to work without getting tired and to stay active and agile. Vitamins are necessary for proper functioning among these essential ones include vitamins A, B, C, D, K, and E. A with a balanced diet which is the source of all the essential nutrients. Foods high in vitamin d and vitamin C, vitamin E rich foods, vitamin A sources, or sources of b12 foods provide your body with necessary vitamins. All these food sources are the best way to keep your body nutrient-rich and healthy. However, unfortunately, not everyone eats clean and healthy. This leads to a deficiency of the nutritional vitamins and to make up for these, multivitamins are consumed.

Multivitamins are dietary supplements most frequently used worldwide. They are used to make up for the nutritional gap created due to the lack of nutrition-rich foods in your diet. They are consumed to meet the daily recommended nutrient intake. They are a combination of different vitamins and minerals normally found in food sources. Sometimes combined with other ingredients too. The vitamins and minerals commonly found in multivitamins are:


  • Vitamin A, C, D, E, and K
  • B vitamins (thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxal (B6), cobalamin (B12), biotin, and folate/folic acid)


  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Iodine
  • Sulfur
  • Cobalt
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Manganese
  • Selenium

Multivitamins may contain many of these, some may also contain other ingredients such as amino acids, fatty acids, and amino acids. However, the nutritional value of different multivitamins vary depending upon the brand or the product. Multivitamins are good for a healthy lifestyle. They help metabolize enzyme reactions in the body. By making up for poor eating habits, multivitamins help improve your health. Even if you are physically fit and enjoy a healthy regimen, multivitamins are still recommended due to their potential benefits.

  • Vitamins for Energy

Multivitamins are a great source of energy. They increase your concentration and boosts energy levels. Vitamins B such as Thiamine, Folic acid, b6, b12, and Niacin aid your body and mind by improving concentration abilities. They keep you stay focused and active throughout the day. Moreover, vitamins also help reduce stress and anxiety and lift your mood. It is also studied that the daily intake of vitamins helps maintain muscle strength as you age and boost your immune system.

  • Best Multivitamin to Prevent Chronic Diseases

Although the evidence is mixed yet many studies suggest that multivitamins help prevent chronic diseases. It is believed that taking multivitamins daily can reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer. The vitamins for women is linked more to lower risks of heart attacks than any multivitamin for men. The reduced risks of cancer due to the use of multivitamins are, however, reported more in men than women.

  • Best Multivitamin Health Supplements to Prevent Deficiencies

Multivitamins being a rich source of one of the major macronutrients help prevent any potential nutrient deficiency in the body. With frequent use of multivitamins, you supplement the levels of the essential nutrients in the body making up for any possible future deficiency. In addition to that, if there is any specific mineral or nutrient that you want to target, use the multivitamins rich in that particular supplement. For instance, a multivitamin with iron can help prevent iron deficiency. A multivitamin for kids is an incredible means to keep them fully nourished.

Dosage and Forms of Multivitamins

Dosage is very important when it comes to using multivitamins. Overdosing on certain multivitamins can be really harmful. High doses of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A. D, E, and K) can become a cause of kidney failure, heart palpitations, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, depression, and anxiety. Use in the amount as recommended by your physician and as is required by your body. As fas as the form of multivitamins are concerned, they are available in the following forms:

  • Multivitamin tablets
  • Multivitamin capsules
  • Liquid vitamins
  • Gummy vitamins
  • Multivitamins powder

How To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Taking Help of Nutritional Vitamins?

Millions of people all over America are the regular users of multivitamin supplements. But the real question is if it is necessary for us to take these nutritional vitamins? Well, vitamins are small molecules that are essential for the nourishment of the body, but our bodies cannot make it on its own. Thus, we have to consume it. The best way to consume the essential minerals and vitamins is through a balanced diet. But not everyone is able to maintain a healthy dietary regimen. And even if people do follow a healthy balanced diet, it is not possible to ensure that they get the exact amount of macro and micronutrients required daily. Thus, as the name suggests, the multivitamin supplements boost our diet and fill the nutritional gaps. And this is why we should take nutritional vitamins and minerals supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle, in case of any deficiencies.

The ABC of Multivitamin Supplements - How They Make The Body Healthy?

Our body needs minerals and vitamins to perform properly. However, on its own, it cannot get these nutrients. Therefore, we must take them in the form of food or vitamin tablets. Generally, the multivitamin capsules contain 10 vital nutritional vitamins and 10 minerals. The vitamins include vitamins A, B (1,2,3,5,6,12), C, D, and E. The minerals incorporated mostly in the multivitamin supplements are zinc, magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, sodium, manganese, and iodine. All these micronutrients are extremely important for the body. This is how some of the vitamins help our body in staying healthy and vibrant.

  • Having the right amount of vitamins in the body is necessary. Otherwise, the enzymes and cells are not able to function properly. And this could lead to various diseases and health issues due to vitamin deficiency.
  • Vitamin A is essential for good vision. It is a major component of Rhodopsin in the eyes- a protein that absorbs and detects light in the eyes.
  • Taking the nutritional vitamins in the right amount also ensures that you don’t become anemic. The best vitamin for energy is vitamin B. Vitamin B6 and B12 nutrition helps in making the red blood cells in the body and prevents anemia. Vitamin B (B1 and B3) are also required to keep the body and brain energized. Deficiency of the latter two vitamins in the body can lead to mental confusion and loss of focus.
  • Vitamin C helps in repairing the tissues of the body. It makes collagen which is the main protein component of making tissues. So vitamin supplements containing vitamin C helps in the repair and growth of tissues. It also protects the body from foreign particles by making the immune system strong. Lack of enough vitamin C can cause scurvy.
  • Most people know that calcium is required for stronger bones. But what they may not know is that calcium on its own cannot make the bones strong. It is vitamins (vitamin D) that helps absorb calcium and build it up to make the bones strong. Thus, multivitamin supplements help is making the bones stronger. It is particularly important for women over 45 years of age. After their menopause, they have various deficiencies in the body leading to osteoporosis (weakening of the bones). The best vitamins for women over 50 are those vitamin tablets that contain all the essential vitamins and minerals.

These vital functions highlight the importance of vitamins in the body. If anyone of the vitamins is deficient in the body, it can lead to serious health diseases. To prevent such deficiencies, it is crucial that we keep in check our vitamin needs with the multivitamin supplements.

How Do Dietary Supplements Improve Your Immune Systems?

You are nothing without your immune system. It is what fights off diseases and protects you against viral or bacterial infections. The stronger it is, the healthier you are. It is, therefore, imperative that you take good care of your immune system. This is where your diet comes into play. A balanced and healthy diet rich with nutrients is your best shot at keeping your immune system stronger. Macronutrients such as vitamins are most significant in this regard as they supercharge your immune system. Foods high in vitamins such as vitamin C rich foods, and vitamin-A rich foods are a great source to boost your immunity.

Sometimes it happens that your immune system fails to defend your body resulting in infections, illness, or diseases. This leads to a situation where your immune system demands an extra boost to fight off infections. This is where your body needs reinforcement in the form of dietary nutritional supplements, nutrient-rich addition to your diet. The most important dietary supplements that boost the immune system are vitamins and some other nutrients. Here are five important vitamin supplements and how they help boost your immune system and fight off infections.

Vitamin A

It is one of the best dietary supplements that strengthen the immune system. Vitamin A in the body takes part in the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow. It helps the body to fight infections from various types of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. It is the white blood cells (WBCs) that fight the pathogen when there is any in the body. To avoid catching any infection, it eradicates the pathogen completely. Hence, the decreased amount of WBCs in the blood means greater chances of infections. All this points to the importance of Vitamin A and how it eventually helps give the immune system an incredible boost.

Vitamin B complex

As the name indicates, vitamin B is not a simple vitamin but a complex of 8 different vitamins, which are:

  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)
  • Vitamin b2 (Riboflavin)
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate/folic acid)
  • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

All these vitamins have numerous and unique roles in the immune system. For instance, vitamin B9 promotes the production and function of white blood cells. Vitamin B12 is crucial for the production of immune cells. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) plays a critical role in energy levels and immunity. Vitamin B is considered key to the overall functions of the body as it regulates the absorption of other components as well. When there is a low concentration of any of the vitamins in the body, there is usually a decrease in the circulating antibodies as well. The decrease in the antibodies means a weak immune system and hence the increase in bodily infections. This also diminishes the capability of the body to quickly recover from the infections. All this, however, can be reversed with the consumption of vitamin B supplements – the most varied supplements to boost the immune system.

Vitamin C

The most widely known and the most common of all the vitamins is vitamin C. It has been used for ages as the best immune booster and to decrease the duration of colds and flu. Also called ascorbic acid, vitamin C supplement is one most widely consumed dietary supplement in the world. The best vitamin C supplement increases the production of interferon, a protein that helps immune cells to fight viral infections. Many studies have supported the importance of vitamin C as the best immune support to relieve immune deficiency in the body.

5 Best Multivitamins With Potential To Improve Your Healthy Lifestyle

For people above the age of 50, multivitamins can be their last resort. Through the multivitamin tablets, your body can get the nutrients it needs to function properly. In this way, you can have the ability to live a healthy life that you have craved for.

Taking the best multivitamin will increase your energy level. While you will feel a sudden decrease in your stress and anxiety. There are a lot of multivitamin supplements available in the market. To help you choose the best multivitamin, here is a list of the five most trusted multivitamin tablets.

1) Mega Food One Daily

The Megafood One Daily multivitamin is produced from real food ingredients. The MegaFood One Daily is a certified multivitamin, and they manufacture it in high standard labs. You can consume this multivitamin whenever you want, as it is light for the stomach. The ingredients of the mega food vitamin over 40 are:

    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin D3
    • Vitamin K
    • Thiamine (B1)
    • Riboflavin (B2)
    • Vitamin B6

The B vitamins help in increasing energy levels. While the vitamin c and e helps in improving the immune system. Moreover, vitamin C can also help in making your toenails healthy.

2) Nature Made Complete

Any age group can use the Nature Made Multi Complete. Many people believe that multivitamin supplements are very expensive. However, this is not the case. The Nature Made Complete nutrition is for those people who cannot afford the expensive multivitamins.

Although the Nature Made Complete is cheap in price, the quality of this multivitamin is top-notch. The gluten-free supplement does not contain yeast, artificial colors, and preservatives. The ingredients of the multivitamin Nature Made Complete are:

        • Biotin
        • CoQ10
        • Folic Acid
        • L-Lysine
        • Melatonin
        • Glucosamine
        • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Biotin can help in beard thickness. Biotin promotes hair, skin, and nail health. Folic acid can help the body produce and maintain new cells. Melatonin can assist a person in improving their sleep in different conditions.

3) Centrum Silver Multivitamin

The Centrum Silver Multivitamin should be the choice of every multivitamin consumer. The Centrum Silver vitamins are affordable, and they address some of the serious concerns of the people above 50. For instance, a Centrum Silver tablet helps support the brain, heart, and eye health. This makes the Centrum Silver the best choice of every person who is suffering from these problems. The Centrum Silver multivitamin contains:

        • Vitamin A
        • Thiamine Nitrate
        • Nicotinamide
        • Pantothenic acid

Consuming vitamin A can reduce the risk of cancer and improves your immune system. While the thiamine nitrate helps regulate the functioning of your nervous and digestive system.

4) Tiny Tabs Multivitamin

Many people face problems when it comes to swallowing multivitamin pills. You can avoid this by taking the new chapter tiny tabs multivitamin. The New Chapter Tiny Tabs are processed from real fruits, vegetables, whole food vitamins, and minerals. You can take the Tiny Tablets at any time. Furthermore, you can take this easy multivitamin at any time. The vitamins of the Tiny Tablets are:

        • Vitamin C
        • Vitamin D3
        • Vitamin K1
        • Vitamin K2
        • Thiamin-Vitamin B1

5) Super 2 Daily

The Carlson Super 2 Daily is an iron-free multivitamin supplement. The following Multivitamin contains additional minerals and vitamins. The Carlson Labs Super 2 Daily contains omega 3 and lutein. To some extent, taking the super 2 daily supplement is very essential, as your body cannot produce the omega 3s. Thus, you can only get omega 3 through a multivitamin supplement. That is why taking the Carlson Super 2 Daily is important. Besides this, the super 2 daily supplement contains many other ingredients:

        • Calcium
        • Iodine
        • Magnesium

3 Major Flaws of Multivitamins and Dietary Supplements

Although the multivitamins can prove helpful on various occasions, they still have many side effects. The multivitamin side effects can be deadly, and if not taken seriously, they can wreak havoc on your daily life. The multivitamin tablets side effects are numerous in numbers. The ingredients are the main reason why the multivitamin side effects occur. But, only some can cause serious trouble. These are:

1) Vitamin C

The majority of the multivitamin supplements contain Vitamin c. Although the vitamin c is helpful in many ways, it can cause problems. If you exceed the amount of ascorbic acid intake, you can face vitamin c overdose side effects. Taking high amounts of ascorbic can result in vitamin c digestive problems. Vitamin C digestive problem does not occur from foods that are rich in ascorbate. But, it happens when you consume a high amount of supplements. You may face digestive problems if you consume 2000 mg at one time. The major digestive problems caused by the ascorbic acid tablets are vitamin c diarrhea and vitamin c nausea. To prevent the vitamin c side effects, avoid taking a high amount.

Your body excretes the vitamin C in the form of oxalate. Oxalate exits your body through urine. However, in some cases, the oxalate may form small crystals. These crystals can lead to the formation of kidney stones. If one consumes too much of ascorbate, the amount of oxalate will increase.

2) Vitamin B3

Consuming a high amount of niacin can stir a lot of side effects. For instance, one can suffer from diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Although the nicotinic acid side effects are mostly minor, some side effects can cause severe problems. If you consume 2000 to 6000 mg of vitamin b3 in one day, you may get overdosed.

Taking high amounts of b3 vitamin can cause liver disease, hypotension, and peptic ulcer disease. Allergies, gallbladder disease, and thyroid disorder can also come in the niacin adverse effects. In case you are suffering from diabetes, a high amount of vitamin b3 intake can cause problems in your blood glucose levels. Niacinamide can also produce excessive amounts of uric acid in your blood. This puts you at risk of gout.

3) Vitamin B9

Folic acid or vitamin B9 supplements can cause a lot of problems. Again, the major folate side effects occur when you consume a high amount. That is why it is important to consult a doctor. Anyhow, the potential folic acid tablets side effects are:

        • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The Vitamin B12 produces the red blood cells in your body. Furthermore, vitamin B12 also keeps your brain, heart, and nervous system optimal. Taking a high amount of folic acid may deficit the amount of vitamin B12. Due to the b12 deficiency, your brain may not function properly. This can lead to permanent nerve damage. The folic acid nerve damage is irreversible.

        • Folic Acid May Increase Cancer

Experts believe that when you expose the folic acid to the cancerous cells, it may assist them to grow. Thus, if you want to prevent folate cancer, you should not consume a high amount of vitamin B9.

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