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This Is How Speedy Weight Loss Affects Your Body


A lot of people are obese and attempt to lose weight every year. They follow strict diet plans and intense workouts to shed their weight. But not all of them remain consistent and succeed in losing their weight. There are some people who only lose hope because they cannot lose weight at their desired pace. It is because they are the ones who want a speedy weight loss. Though it sounds appealing to lose weight within a few days and there are some supplements that claim speedy weight loss through advertising. Yet, you should not pay attention to them.

Losing weight faster than normal speed is not considered safe. Experts state that you should be losing weight at a slow speed instead of craving to become slim overnight. Adopting any unnatural speedy weight loss technique could be dangerous such as going too low on calories. It can do more harm than good and may lead to many undesirable consequences. There are many facts that elaborate on the aftermath of speedy weight loss to check whether it is safe or not. Dig into it, and judge yourself.

How Does Speedy Weight Loss Work?

Before getting into more depth, it is important to have knowledge about how speedy weight loss works. The healthy rate of losing weight is considered to be 1–2 pounds (0.45–0.9 kg) per week. If you are going on the same rate or a little slower than this, Bravo! But if you are shedding faster than this, you may be going a little extra fast that can be problematic.

Typically, people who attempt to lose weight fast do intense hard work or reduce their calorie intake. Doing intense hard work burns more calories and a low-calorie diet helps to use fat as fuel to lose weight. But getting too low on calories can be harmful to you and you may start losing muscle mass. People often drop their daily calorie intake to less than 800 calories. That can be dangerous as you are not providing the body with the energy it needs to function properly.

How Speedy Weight Loss Can Be Dangerous?

There are a lot of risks associated with losing weight faster than the normal pace. You can keep yourself slim for a long period of time when you lose weight at a normal pace. You can experience a water shortage in your body. In addition to this, your body may start losing muscle mass along with burning fat.

It becomes difficult to maintain your weight once you have reduced it. So, when you meet your target after rapidly losing weight, you may reenlist your old diet on the menu. That will ultimately lead to weight gain fast. You can even gain more weight than before, from when you decided to cut your body mass. That is the reason experts often suggest to work consistently and refrain you to lose your weight overnight. Losing weight at a slow pace is the best way to keep yourself consistent and maintain your weight.

So, let us take a look at how speedy weight loss affects your body.

Your May experience Fatigue

When it comes to experiencing fatigue due to speedy weight loss, the low-calorie diet again plays its role. When you are suppressing your appetite and reducing your calorie intake, you may be lacking some important nutrients in your body. These nutrients include Vitamin B12, iron, and folate. They play a vital role in keeping you active and reducing your fatigue. Having a deficiency of these vitamins and minerals can put your body at risk of fatigue and anemia.

Your Immune System May Get Adversely?

A stronger immune system is a sign of strong health. It helps you fight against the constantly attacking germs and keeps you away from a lot of ailments. But a weaker immune system could be dangerous. One of the ways your immune system can be weakened is by rapidly losing weight.

When people attempt to lose their weight fast, they reduce their daily calorie consumption. It adversely affects their body and starts weakening their immune system. It is because the body is not getting enough energy supply it is consuming. So, your body’s capacity to fight with germs is reduced significantly and you may find yourself on the bed every other day.

Affects Your Mental Health

Not only your physical health is at stake but your mental health also bears the consequences of speedy weight loss. People often use low-quality supplements that claim rapid weight loss. Besides that, calorie reduction causes a lack of some important nutrients in the body that are essential for the brain. Consequently, a person also gets mentally affected.

So, it is better to stick to the normal rate of losing weight instead of showing a hurry. It takes time for the body to shed extra pounds. You can boost this process which is safe. But over boosting can result in some undesirable consequences.

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