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Get YourSelf A Personalised WOD With The Best Supplements for Crossfit


What are Crossfit Workouts?

The CrossFit training consists on constant high-intensity functional movements that help build stamina and buff up the body. The Crossfit workouts involve the constantly varying training so that your body builds every day. Every day you do different reps. Routine or monotony is the enemy of Crossfit WOD. Since the major function is to prepare yourself for every kind of task, the Crossfit exercises involve functional movements. These functional workouts include carrying weights, squatting, running, etc. All these Crossfit exercises, however, are of high intensity. Here high-intensity exercises in Crossfit workouts are the key to fitness. Now that you know what a Crossfit workout is, let us get into its lingo so that it becomes easier for you to get what we are talking about here.

The Crossfit Workout Lingo

There are special acronyms and words used in the Crossfit workout cult. You need to have a little knowledge of it in order to understand the communicational lingo. Also, knowing this lingo will help you communicate better with your Crossfit workout coach during the training sessions. Here is a list of common words used in the Crossfit workout world. The list includes fundamental terms, the Crossfit exercises list, and the Crossfit workouts.

The General Terms

Crossfit BoxIt is a Crossfit gym. Unlike other gyms, it does not have any machines but Crossfit workout equipment only.
AMRAPIts an acronym for ‘as many reps as possible’. It means that you are required to do as many rounds of your Crossfit WOD as you can in the given time.
WODIts an acronym for ‘workout of the day’. It refers to the schedule of Crossfit workouts planned for every day since the exercises change every day.
EMOMIts an acronym for ‘every minute on the minute’. This acronym refers to the number of reps that you do under one minute.

The Functional Movements In The Crossfit Workouts

Pistol or The One-Legged SquatIt’s a one-legged squat in which the other leg and hands go all the way in front as you squat on one leg. And then you press up. Sounds easy but its a real toughie!
Crossfit BurpeeIn a Crossfit burpee, you put hands on the floor and jump the feet back to get a push-up plank position. Afterward, you press your chest against the floor and get back to the push-up plank position. Now you need to rise in the air by jumping the feet right beneath the hips to get into a squat position. From here you jump a little and stretch the arms in the air. This is the most basic movement in the Crossfit workout.
Double UndersAh, just rope skipping but with a little twist. With every jump, you need to pass the rope twice under your feet. For this, you need to have a straight torso with the elbows close to the body. Jump a few inches from the ground and spin the rope fast enough that it passes twice under your feet. See how many reps you can include this in your Crossfit workout of the day.
Air SquatsIn an air squat, you stand with the feet at least hip-width apart. Then you do a squat by pressing the shoulders in and tightening your abs. As you move down, push your hands forward in front of you and try to make your arms go parallel to the ground. And then rise back.
Walking LungesIn this, you move forward as you perform a lunge. Put one leg in front of you and keep its heel on the ground. Then lower your torso that the knee of the leg left behind touches the ground. In this position, the shin of the first leg remains vertical. Complete a full hip and knee extension and then stand up to move to the next leg. During Crossfit workout weight is also carried above the head while doing the walking lunges.
Knees To ElbowsIn this movement, you need to hang up from a pole and shoot your knees towards your torso and make your knees touch your elbows.
Handstand Push-UpsThe handstand push-ups in Crossfit workout require a lot of strength, stamina, and patience. It can be broken down into four steps. First of all, you need to stand in a straight handstand. Next, you move down by pushing your shoulders forward and make your body lean to a vertical position to keep the balance. In this position, it is mandatory to keep your elbows point backward to avoid injury. After touching your head to the ground, you need to push yourself up again while keeping the body straight. The last part is to find the balance while standing straight in a headstand to prepare yourself for the next rep.
SnatchIn a snatch, you have to lift the barbell weights above your head in one quick movement. It involves squatting while pushing the weight over the head and rising the body to stand straight.

The Best Crossfit Workouts Of The Day

MetconMetcon basically stands for metabolic conditioning. Its purpose is to prepare the muscles for high rep movements. Thus it helps in building stamina. Metcon workouts are really intense. In a Metcon, you can do 15 minutes AMRAP (say 100 air squats). Then do 6 single-arm thrusts on each side. For this carry weight in one arm and do squats. Then do 9 Butterfly sit-ups followed by 12 single-arm swings on each side.
Murph Crossfit WorkoutThe Murph workout is named after the American navy lieutenant Michael Murphy who died in Afghanistan while serving his country. This intense workout includes a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another mile run. All these exercises are done in the given order in the Murph WOD.
Isabel WODThe classic Crossfit workout Isabel is quite similar to the grace WOD. It includes 30 snatches.
Grace Crossfit WorkoutIn the grace, instead of doing 30 snatches, you do 30 clean and jerks.
Filthy FiftyThe filthy fifty includes doing various sets of 50 reps for time. It may include doing 50 burpees, 50 pull-ups, 50 air squats, 50 box jumps, 50 double Unders, 50 pistols, 50 walking lunges, and 50 knees to elbows. Woah, tough, huh?!
Cindy Crossfit WorkoutCindy WOD lasts for exactly 20 minutes and includes 5 pull-ups followed by 10 press-ups and 15 air squats.
Mary WODMary is also 20 minutes long. However, unlike Cindy, it involves AMRAPS of 3 exercises in 20 minutes. These Crossfit exercises include 5 handstand push-ups, 10 pistols, and 15 pull-ups.

How Crossfit Workouts Affect Your Muscles-Make your Personalized Crossfit Workout Plan

Wanna get stacked? Jacked? Swole? Muscular? Beefcake? Well, then its time to resort to the popular Crossfit workouts. Crossfit training helps build muscles really fast and strengthen you. In terms of strength, we are talking about the one like Cap America or Thor. Yeah, and for that, you need to be a weightlifter, have muscular endurance and a top-quality cardiovascular system. And also include some good gymnastic skills in the list. This all that Crossfit workouts are about. Now how all this works out, we are going to discuss that here.

The Crossfit workouts combine aerobic training with strength and resistance training. It involves high-intensity workouts that push your limits. Crossfit exercises are very consuming. Therefore, after every three Crossfit WODs, one rest day is taken. This is mandatory so that the body gets time to repair the muscles and help them grow fast. As the muscles are extensively used in the strenuous workouts, their endurance and strength increase. Crossfit workouts are often done ‘AMRAP’ or ‘for time’. AMRAP means that for particular reps, a time is fixed. As you work hard to complete your reps within the defined time frame, you improve your cardiovascular system. For a time, however, refers to a particular set and reps that you have defined for your Crossfit WOD. No matter how long it takes, you have to complete the assigned task. This also helps in building resistance and making the cardiovascular system fit. With that being said, let’s get into how you can make your personalized Crossfit workout plan.

How To Make A Beginner Crossfit Workout Plan?

Now that we have explained to you what Crossfit workout is and the basic functional movements involved in it, it’s time to formulate your plan. There is nothing perplexing about it. All you need to do is to plan a warm-up session, choose a Crossfit workout from the list above, and follow a cooldown exercises after every Crossfit training session.

  • The Best Pre Workouts For Crossfit

Plunging into an intense workout can be injurious. Therefore, you should always begin with a proper warm-up. You may do 3 rounds of the following:

  • 12 air squats.
  • 8 hand-release push-ups: take a push-up plank position. Lower your body to press the chest to the ground. Release the hands for a second before coming back up.
  • 12 cat cows: sit on the fours and round your back al the way from your tailbone to the neck. Then arch your back, and repeat. It helps the spine and vertebrae to open up and prepare for the Crossfit workout.
  • 8 single leg glute bridges: lay down and raise one leg in the air while the other is on the floor. Then squeeze your hip muscles and abs 8 times. Do this for each of the legs.
  • Crossfit WOD

From the above-mentioned list do a Crossfit workout each day. Alter your workouts by changing the number of reps of each exercise. You can also change the exercises. Just remember that you need to increase and alter your WOD every day so that there is no consistency. Having a routine kills the whole purpose of a Crossfit workout.

  • Post-Workout Active Cooldown Exercices

The active cooldown exercises are really important after an intense Crossfit workout. The goal is to keep the body in some sort of light activity after a strenuous training session. It helps in improving the overall performance in the subsequent training sessions. It may reduce injury chances, ameliorate muscle soreness recovery, and prevent post-workout lightheadedness. The post Crossfit workout cooldown exercises involve stretching exercises that relax the muscles and improve breathing. It also brings the heart rate down. Here is what you can do to cool down. Perform each of the following exercises for 15 seconds.

  • Boxer shuffle
  • Roundabout toe touch
  • Torso twists
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Arm pull with hip flexor
  • Shoulder stretch
  • Toe touch stress
  • Quad stretch
  • Standing glute stretch

Now that you have made your Crossfit WOD chart, its time to talk about supplements that you should consider taking. These supplements can help you in a variety of ways.

The Best Supplements To Improve Overall Crossfit Performance

We all know what supplements do and how they work. Before digging into the topic of the Crossfit supplements that help improve performance, let’s get some facts straight first. The most important thing to bear in the mind is the fact that there is nothing that can fix your poor diet. Unless you work on a diet, you can not achieve the desired results out of your workout regimen. If you believe that you can supplement your way out of your bad diet, you are being delusional. Nothing can replace a balanced healthy diet. Supplements only help boost your performance. There is no way you can make supplements work if you follow a poor diet. Fix your diet first and then supplement it with the best-reviewed Crossfit supplements as recommended by your physician/trainer.

That being said, we have enlisted some of the supplements to assist you in this regard, and to help you make an informed decision. The supplements that we have shortlisted are backed up by some research so you can consider trying them. These are:

1) Magnesium:

Magnesium is tremendously important because it is one of the minerals that are usually in deficiency in the body of athletes. Thie supplement is a great source to make up for the deficiency and is an essential supplement for athletes who often overlook it. Besides doing the obvious that is improving the Crossfit performance, it has many other benefits as well. Magnesium also:

  • Regulates your heart rate
  • Manages the muscle movement i.e contraction and relaxation of them
  • Plays a key role in the production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy-carrying molecule in the cell thereby enhancing performance overall
  • Controls blood pressure keeping it in check

Before you buy the magnesium supplement, make sure it is a good quality supplement. Avoid buying cheap forms of it because your body won’t be able to absorb them.

When to Consume: Either take it after the workout on an empty stomach or before bed to pace up recovery.

2) Vitamin D:

The sunlight is the main source of vitamin D. In order to produce the required levels, you need to soak up in the sun for a good amount of time. However, with the lifestyle we are living where we mostly stay indoors we can not really produce sufficient vitamin D via sunlight. This leads to a deficiency in it. Fortunately, we have Crossfit multivitamin supplements to compensate for vitamin D deficiency. It is, indeed, a good addition to your Crossfit workout regimen because of its many benefits, which are:

  • It helps reduce inflammation
  • Lifts your mood
  • Helps with sleep
  • Improves your respiratory health

All these benefits ultimately lead to improved Crossfit performance. The vitamin D supplement stimulates athletes and the bodybuilder increase their lifts by improving their workout performance.

When to Consume: An hour before bed at night is the best time to consume vitamin D CrossFit supplements.

3) Creatine:

Creatine is an organic compound that is naturally produced by the body. Found in many food sources such as beef, it can easily be consumed through your diet. Additionally, you can also consume it in the form of a supplement to get enough of it. It is one of the Crossfit supplements that are backed up by a good amount of strong evidence. The most scientifically proven creatine supplement has many upsides associated with its consumption. Some of the most important benefits of consuming creatine Crossfit supplements are:

  • Maximal strength
  • Increased anaerobic power
  • More muscular endurance
  • Explosiveness
  • Development of lean body mass

Supplementing your Crossfit workout with creatine can help you build muscles at a faster rate. In order to get the most out of the supplement, avoid buying one that requires a loading phase.

When to Consume: Consume it before and/or after strength training.

All these supplements and many others such as whey protein, omega 3 fish oil, and beta-alanine, assist your Crossfit performance and speed up your recovery. Moreover, they also boost your strength making you exercise harder and longer, and better your overall wellbeing. Although these are undoubtedly an effective addition to your workout routine, consult your personal physician first before you add them to your diet. Always consume them as per prescribed/recommended amounts and do not overdose. Overdosing gives you no additional benefits and in fact, can have negative impacts. Therefore, stick only to the optimal consumption of the Crossfit supplements to get the most out of them.

Crossfit Workout - Final Word

For fitness enthusiasts, Crossfit is the way to fitness. However, some people have second thoughts about doing Crossfit. The obvious reason is the potential health risks that the intense Crossfit exercises pose. According to one of the studies on Crossfit workouts, the injury rate in it is 20%. At this rate, people rightfully worry about signing up at a Crossfit box. Here are the potential cons of doing Crossfit workouts:

  • Getting a disc-slip as you keep pushing when your body is out of form.
  • Muscle rupture due to wrong techniques.
  • Getting injured as the body gets too fatigued before the WOD is done.
  • Crossfit workout pushes your limits every day. So it can be hard or even stressful for some people. It may leave them not only physically but also mentally exhausted.

With that being said, let us assure you that to some extent these risks can be minimized. And the way to that is getting the right supplements and a professional coach. Crossfit supplements help with recovery and endurance. And your personal trainer can ensure that you do every exercise with the proper technique so that the risk of getting injured is minimized. Crossfit workout is not bad for those who want to do it and get a ripped body. The only thing that you need to mind before doing it, however, is that you must do it properly.

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