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Everything on Post Workout Supplements for Fitness Freaks


1) Why do people use Post Workout Supplements?

Getting a toned up hulk-like body comes at a cost. You have to undergo extensive bodybuilding training sessions. During the strenuous workouts, the body has to put up with a lot of stress and there is a lot of muscle fiber damage. The body gets depleted of its natural energy sources and the muscles go through various micro-tears. This is where using the post workout supplements becomes a necessity if you want to turn on the anabolic switch fast. The protein drinks after workout help restore the body’s strength and boost up the anabolic process. As a result, the muscles of the body are repaired at a much faster rate. This ensures that overall performance is not compromised.

How Do The Post Workout Supplements Work?

Every year billions of dollars are spent on post workout protein drinks. But before getting your hands on that, take a look at how these supplements work. Are these supplements really efficient? Well, we will get to that part in a while, but first, let’s see what these supplements do.

The post workout or recovery supplements help in two ways. One, they assist the body’s natural mechanism in repairing the post workout muscle damages. Second, they help in buffing up the muscles by boosting their growth. The carbohydrates in the post-gym supplements help the body with replenishing energy. The proteins and amino acids repair the damages and build up the size of the muscles. Here is a guide on what sort of post workout supplements you should take.

Do you need post workout supplements?

After an intense workout, your body undergoes muscle breakdown. The workout uses a lot of energy leaving you drained, be it endurance or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). The muscle breakdown is important for your muscles to rebuild and regrow. Your body needs to recover and regrow muscles torn during the strenuous workout. The body uses up stored glucose that is glycogen during physical training. This depletion in the level of stored glucose needs to be restored for you to continue working out. That is where the need for the post workout supplements arises provided you want a quick recovery.

The post workout supplements replenish and restore energy levels. The ingredients used in the after workout supplements help repair the torn muscles. They alleviate fatigue charging up your body for future workouts. Precisely, the post workout supplements:

  • Replenish glycogen in the body
  • Control protein breakdown by decreasing it
  • Increase the synthesis of the protein needed in the body
  • Fill up the energy stores
  • Work on the size of the muscles making them bigger
  • Repair all the damages resulting from the workout
  • Build strength for future workouts

The post workout supplements, basically, improve your performance making you exercise for longer periods. Recovery supplements help boost your stamina. The consumption of the after workout supplements helps improve immune function and ability to utilize body fat. You experience reduced muscle soreness after the intake of gym supplements. Not only do they build muscle but also ameliorate bone mass.

Forms of Muscle Recovery Supplements

The supplements are available and can be consumed in a variety of forms, such as:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Gummies
  • Energy bars
  • Shakes/Drinks
  • powder

Myths Associated With Post Workout Protein Drinks

Some people have a misconception that the pre and post workout supplements can work magic. Remember that as the name suggests, these are recovery supplements and not substitutes for the workout. It is advisable to take after workout supplements only with the recommendation of your trainer or nutritionist in specified amounts. Consuming a lot of post workout supplements or totally relying on them may not help achieve the desired results. But it also doesn’t mean that these workout supplements don’t work at all. It is scientifically proven that the optimal use of workout recovery supplements enhances training and performance.

2) SIX Steps to Choose The Best Post Workout Supplement

What is best? Do you really wanna consider the words of a person whom you never met? It’s your body and bodybuilding need, and only you should be the boss of yourself. Due to which I suggest these:

Guage Your Needs

Get you need crystal clear about your post workout bodybuilding supplement. Here are the most frequently visible after workout supplements you will get an eyeful of when hunting for the best post workout drink.

  • BCAA bodybuilding supplement
  • Whey protein bodybuilding supplements
  • Gym supplements
  • Post workout proteins
  • Muscle building supplements

There are a lot of other types of post workout supplements available as well. It is not feasible to wade through all of them when standing in the middle of a bodybuilding supplements store. Hence, evaluate your needs and look at your goals to know what type of after workout supplement you might need. It will help you know what to drink after a workout to get the desired results.

Go Through The Ingredients

Always check before choosing a post workout supplement for what kind of ingredients is it composed of. If there is anything that might be slighlty harmful to you, consult your nutritionist. It would be a lot better if you will approach a nutritonist first.

Look For Brand Goodwill

Before buying the product you must know a lilttle about the brand. Only the good brands make the good post workout supplements, priortize the goodwill of the brands first.

Here are some popular brands with good after workout recovery products:

  • Optimum nutrition
  • Muscle Tech

Calculate The Value For Money

It is time to save some cost and analyze the post workout recovery drink in monetary terms. Pick as an after workout supplement. Start with the cost of the post workout supplement and calculate the cost per serving. Then compare it with the other post workout drinks or powders available at the store. It gives you an idea of whether a particular after workout supplement is charging you fairly or not. In this way, you will grab the most affordable as well as the best post workout powder, shake, or protein for you.

Go Through Reviews

One of the best ways to pick up the best post workout protein or supplement for you is to inspect the reviews in detail. Look at what people are talking about a particular brand. What type of after workout supplement do bodybuilding enthusiasts prefer? It also makes it easier to decide which flavor you should choose for a particular supplement. So surf the internet and dig deep into the reviews to lay your hands on the best post workout drink for you.

It’s Time To Choose The Flavor

There is a wide variety of flavors in the market for post workout drinks and supplements. The flavor may not have much effect on your recovery process. But it does make the supplement more consumable for you if you like its flavor. Here are the flavors of post workout supplements most people prefer.

  • Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Strawberry
  • Snickerdoodle

So, always pay proper attention to the flavor when choosing the best post workout muscle building supplements.

3) Difference between Recovery and Post Workout Supplements

Grinding your body in strength and resistance training causes muscle damage. The muscles undergo micro-tears due to resistance training. They need to be recovered after the workout sessions to prepare them for the next one. Therefore, trainers recommend taking the post workout drinks or muscle recovery supplements. In the market, you can find all sorts of post workout protein drinks and workout recovery supplements. But one may wonder if both the post workout and recovery supplements are really different?

What Are Post Workout Recovery Supplements?

After going through the strenuous bodybuilding workout regimes, the body looks for nutrients to repair and rebuild muscles. The body is depleted of its glycogen stores required to repair the muscle damage and regain its vigor. It also requires something to regain the strength and wear-off the workout stress exerted on the body. This is where the workout recovery supplements come into play. They replenish the body’s glycogen stores and prepare it for efficient muscle repair. Thus, the key ingredients of most post workout recovery supplements are carbohydrates and proteins (amino acids). The carbohydrates energize the body whereas proteins repair the muscles. Along with repairing, the post workout supplements are also responsible for aiding muscle growth and buildup. Overall, what post workout recovery supplements basically do is supplying the body with everything required for its nourishment.

Are Post Workout Drinks Different From Recovery Drinks?

Well, simply put, the answer is yes and no. It really just depends on individuals: what they want to gain from the after workout drinks? Most people only want to take the bodybuilding supplements after their training sessions to repair their damaged muscles. They want their body to get rid of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) so that their performance is not hampered. So they look out for only the best supplements for muscle recovery.

Then there are those who want to not only regain strength but also give a boost to their workout regime via supplements. They look for post workout ingredients which can help them reduce fat and build muscles faster. Basically, they take the pre and post workout supplements only to become the hulks faster. For them, the nutritionists recommend the whey protein after workout supplements.

If truth be told, both recovery drinks and post workout supplements perform the same function. The difference is created only to sell what people want. In terms of ingredients, we may say that there are slight differences in the ratios. Otherwise, the post workout drinks and muscle recovery supplements are two branches of the same tree.

Major Components of Post Workout Recovery Drinks

Here is a list of the best post workout recovery drink ingredients. Check if the products you buy have these ingredients. If your supplement products are missing these key ingredients, then you are probably just wasting your money buying them.

  • Beta-Alanine: This amino acid helps in improving endurance and strength. It is exceptionally good building the lean muscle mass.
  • Glutamine: Glutamine is a synthesizing protein. The glutamine post workout supplements help in building muscles.
  • BCAA: The branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are a set of essential amino acids including leucine, isoleucine, and valine. The BCAA after workout supplements helps in modulating muscle protein metabolism. This leads to increased muscle protein anabolism. As a result, muscles are repaired and built faster.
  • Creatine Monohydrate: Creatine is used in both pre and post workout supplements. It helps in building muscle endurance and size.

If you are looking for the best post workout drinks, you need to incorporate these ingredients into your list. No matter if you get these via recovery supplements or in the name of post workout shakes, just grab them. As mentioned above, both are the same although they are sold with different names Thus, your focus should be on ingredients and what you need your supplements to do rather than what they are called.

4) Top 4 Post Workout Supplements you should Look For

In the world of workout supplements things can often get confusing for customers. The bodybuilding supplements stores are crowded with supplements claiming that they are the most “effective”. This can make the process even more perplexing for ‘rookies’. This results in the purchase of gym supplements that can be of great harm. So, to put this debate to rest, we have compiled a list of 4 of the best post workout supplements in the market.

Post JYM Recovery and Active BCAAs Powder

Prepared with ultimate post workout protein powder formula for recovery in growth. Post JYM Recovery and Active BCAA supplement is specially formulated for recovery after intense training or workout. If we take at a look at the ingredients then this post workout supplement has 6 grams of BCAA proteins in it. It consists of three to one to one ratio of leucine isoleucine valine. Like most of the top post workout supplements this product also contains creatine and beta alanine. So, if you are looking for workout recovery supplements then add this protein powder supplement to your cart.

Legion Recharge

The creators of this product claim that it is one of the best post workout supplements in the market. Well, the facts truly back this claim. Whether it is building muscles, getting energy or recovering muscles Legion recharge ticks all the boxes. The ingredient list of this post workout bodybuilding supplement is surprisingly quite short. Well, it is not bad news if that is what you are thinking. First of all, like every other supplement in the market legion recharge also has creatine monohydrate. Another noticeable ingredient in there is corsola acid. This is actually gonna control your glucose level as well as the absorption of the carbohydrates.

Progenex Recovery

It would not be wrong to say Progenex Recovery powder has established itself as one of the best post workout protein shakes in the crossfit industry. This post workout recovery drink is hydrolyzed to a higher degree than most of the post workout shakes. This means it absorbs quicker and works more efficiently. The Progenex recovery ingredients are pretty much the same as the ones in above products. So, what makes this gym supplement unique? Well, the thing is that the ingredients of most of the gym supplements may be the same but they are not always the same in quantity. There are various factors that come into play when making post workout recovery supplements. Progenex protein’s ingredients are created in a way that they deliver in minutes rather than hours. You are gonna see better results and you are gonna make better recovery.

Jacked Factory Growth Surge

A company known for sticking to a very short list of supplement ingredients. Jacked factory has been producing quality products for quite some time now. Growth Surge is another Jacked Factory’s product that has surged in popularity in recent times. This workout supplement is specially formulated for post workout recovery. Jacked factory growth surge is also going to help you grow lean muscle mass. This post workout supplement has various effective ingredients that are actually gonna work for you. It contains creatine monohydrate, which is found pretty much in every powder supplement. Betaine Anhydrous is another powerful ingredient present in jacked factory’s growth surge post workout muscle builder.

5) Side effects/Cons of Past Workout Supplements

Until now, you have read the good things about the post workout supplements. Just like everything else, a post workout supplement also has a dark side. This means that even the best post workout supplement contains side effects. The post workout side effects are usually triggered due to the presence of some specific ingredients. These ingredients are:

  • Glutamine
  • BCAA
  • Casein Protein

So, the side effects caused by these ingredients are:

Glutamine Post Workout Side Effects

One can suffer from nausea due to post workout supplements because of the presence of glutamine in it. Although glutamine may have some helpful traits, it can be harmful. The glutamine nausea can occur if you take a high amount of dosage of the post workout supplement. Glutamine Stomach pain is also a symptom of glutamine post workout supplements. By now, you must have understood that too much consumption of glutamine can be damaging for your stomach. Besides, one can also suffer from the presence of gas in the stomach. The glutamine stomach pain can stir many problems. The glutamine stomach pain may not allow the potential amount of nutrients in your body.

To avoid these consult your nutritionist right after you get any sort of symptoms of malfunction.

BCAA Post Workout Side Effects

The kidney pain comes in the realm of the BCAA powder side effects. Actually, the BCAA side effects kidney also occurs due to overdosage. When you take a BCAA post workout supplement, your kidneys have to work more quickly than before. Due to this, your kidneys may begin to malfunction. A special study suggests that the high amount of BCAA post workout intake causes the kidney to filter at a more frequent pace. Thus, indulging the kidney pain in the domain of BCAA powder side effects.

Another symptom of BCAA is Insulin resistance. Basically in the Insulin resistance, the cells in your muscles and fat do not respond to insulin. This makes them incapable of taking glucose from your blood. So, if you notice any signs of insulin resistance, you might would want to stop taking the post workout supplements.

Casein Protein Side Effects

Dairy allergies are also concluded in the casein protein powder side effects. The casein supplement side effects depend on the person who consumes the post workout supplement. Many people can handle the casein protein much better than others. If you are suffering from headaches, and some other minor stomach issues, stay away from post workout supplements. As you can be the target of many casein side effects.

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