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5 Best Supplements For Football Players


If you are watching a sport that has 11 players on both sides and goes on for about 90 minutes then you are most likely watching Football. This sport is known as football in most corners of the world. But there are countries such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand where football is not called football. They use an entirely different term that is ‘soccer’. But we are not going to get into that debate. No matter what you call it there is one thing that almost everyone can agree on is that it is a beautiful game. That is why we are going to use both words soccer and football in this blog. 

You are here to look for the best supplements for football players, right? So, without further ado let’s get right into business.

Why Footballers Need Supplements

The traditional nutritional approach for football players has always been high carbohydrates. But now we are in an era where we realize that supplements for football players are critical for training adaptations. They need effective soccer supplements for finishing the training session and then starting the subsequent session. Football players use supplements for several reasons, below are a few of them:

Supplements For recovery 

Players must consume quality nutrition to recover from matches and then also provide the adaptation for the training that they are going to do. Recovery is paramount and such a key variable in football. Immediately after the match, players have to make sure that they are consuming the quick-release carbohydrates but also protein as well. Players utilize most of their carbs in the match and muscle glycogen is depleted which must be restored quickly. Soccer is becoming so dynamic nowadays, the muscles need to be repaired subsequently. This is where post-workout supplements are consumed. 

When players go through intense training, they need soccer supplements for recovery. Football supplements provide a source of energy after the pitch based training. This is because there are a lot of eccentric loads and regular changes of direction in football. This makes it essential for these supplements to get in and repair afterward. Recovery is the priority focus in soccer because as a professional you would constantly be involved in all competitions. You can have a game on Sunday night and then you would be called up for the next game that could be on Tuesday. So, it is not just about being ready for the next game, it is being prepared for the next training session. 

If you are an amateur then you may not have all the facilities that a professional may have. But by improving your nutritional intake immediately post-match you would recover much quicker and would be prepared for the next game. Consuming a protein shake after a football match is also quite common in professional football. But remember there are no shortcuts, there are no quick fixes. Training on its own without the correct nutrition will not work. It is all about getting the right balance between the two.

Pre-match Supplements

Pre-match nutrition is a critical component of the game. Professional players have set routines that they go through in pre-match warmup. Probably the best example would be a 3 pm kickoff. That is a pretty standard time for a weekend. The perfect example of a pre-match meal would be a large bowl of pasta. After that, it pretty much gets on the bus. On the way to the game then they would have to consume the best protein shakes for football players. There will be some electrolyte tablets to add to water just to top up their electrolytes and keep them thirsty. When they get to the ground, they all have their routine, whether it’s a bar, a gel, or protein shakes for soccer players.

Supplements to Recover From An Injury

Every professional player has got a bespoke program that they are following in the gym and outside as well. The bespoke programming has to be supported by appropriate nutrition interventions depending upon their situation. 

When you are injured the focus would be on upping your protein intake and reducing carbs. Consuming the right soccer supplements will make sure that you have got that protein to repair and build new tissue. As soon as you do come back from that injury, you would be ready to get back on the pitch and train. 

Supplements For Fuelling Half-Time

A game of football can last more than 90 minutes, depending on the extra period that the referee will put on. Have you ever wondered how teams prevent that drop in performance that is bound to happen in the second half? How do soccer players remain fueled for more than 90 minutes? Well, half times are a big opportunity to take some carbs on board and top up in that period after 45 minutes. At half time, you have to keep things quite simple. You can use energy gels to support the carbohydrate requirements for later on in the game. 

Stats seem to indicate that it’s the second half where most goals are scored. There’s glycogen depletion taking place in players that could lead to mental fatigue and players making poor decisions. This can cost you the game. Consuming energy gels during half time can give you an extra boost. The energy gels are a real high GI fast release source of carbohydrates that can reduce fatigue.

Supplements For Muscle Growth

Best supplements for football players are not only used for recovery but also for growing new muscles. If you are a player that is trying to grow and develop physically then you can take supplements that are formulated specifically for muscle gain. This is especially the case in pre-season where players are mostly losing weight. So, you can increase your supplement intake to protect that lean mass and make sure you are not losing muscle. 

Best supplements for football players

Now that you know the importance of supplements in football let’s find out which ones are most suitable for you.  Below is the list of the best supplements for football players. It is important to remember that these products are not mentioned based on personal preferences. The studies by various researches have proved these products effective. We can not be held liable for any side effects that they may cause. 

Creatine Supplements for Football Players

Creatine is a substance that occurs naturally in your muscle cells and is also available as a supplement. Creatine Supplements help your muscles produce energy during anaerobic exercise such as sprint work. Creatine is found in foods like fish, chicken, and meat. The average person would not need to supplement it because you are producing it in your body. But if you are an athlete looking to maximize your performance then you would be taking creatine to produce ATP a lot faster. This assists a lot during sprinting, weight training, and agility work all of which are important to a football player.

A basic explanation of how creatine functions are that it replenishes the phosphate group to keep ATP(Adenosine triphosphate) running. ATP is the energy composed in our bodies within muscle cells that help us produce energy. When the phosphate group breaks off creatine replenishes it. So, when you supplement it, theoretically you will have more ATP or energy available, This will help you perform better on the field. More ATP could help you lift a little bit extra weight in the gym or if you are out on the field it could help you move a bit quicker. This could give an extra boost of energy especially in the final stages of the game. 

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements on the market. It is super safe so it’s nothing to be worried about there. There’s also been a couple of different studies done specifically on soccer players. In those studies, creatine has shown to enhance performance and agility tasks which are utterly important in the game. It does not matter which position you are playing, you are almost always doing a sprint or some type of agility work. It is shown to increase soccer-specific skills like shooting, passing, and dribbling. 

Creatine has also been shown to prevent a gradual decrease in leg muscle power and jumping ability. The longer you are on the field the more tired you get. Your jumping and sprinting abilities are going to come down. Where this supplement can come into use is it can kind of offset that and slow that down to keep you fresh on the pitch. So, if your diet is on point and is looking for something to give you edge creatine can be beneficial for you. Now, it is up to you to choose the best creatine for football players. You know your body, your goals, and which specific aspect of your game you are looking to strengthen. You have to specify your needs and goals, are you looking to try and increase lean mass? Are you looking to try and reduce fat mass? Are you an injured player that is looking to try and do both simultaneously? 

Protein Supplements For Football Players

When you are training you are breaking down your muscles and to build them up you need protein. Of course, you can have a good protein intake from real food but it is a lot more convenient to just have whey protein. It is mostly used as a post-workout football supplement. Whey protein for football players supplements is a great way to start your recovery process after training. 

As a soccer player, you have to be getting enough protein in your diet. You have got to be a powerhouse, you have to be explosive, and you also need to have decent endurance. In the preseason, it is pretty hot in most of the countries. So, when you begin training all of a sudden your body has to put out a ton of energy to stay cool, you start to sweat a little bit more and you start to lose a lot of weight. That is not optimal later on in the season. You have got to make sure that your muscle mass can recover from the intensity of Soccer training and games. 

You need to maintain your muscle mass or improve it over time so that you can put a ton of power late in the game. That is where whey protein comes into play. They help maintain that muscle mass, they help keep the joints healthy. Whey protein assists to keep your protein intake high when you are under a lot of physical stress. This enables your body to recover on a day-to-day basis. If you have a dairy allergy switch to beef protein, utilize collagen as well. This is going to improve your recovery. Protein is one of the best supplements for football players when it comes to recovery and explosive power. If you are looking for the best protein powder for soccer players then there are many brands that sell protein powder for soccer players. It is up to you to choose the one you think is the best protein powder for football players.

L-theanine Supplements For Football Players

Football is about technique, it is about positioning. Whoever reads the game well wins. You would be dominating the pitch if you have better muscle memory and better reactive capability. This is where L-theanine comes in. It helps with strategic memory and technical learning. It’s been shown to improve the way that Football players manage stress when they are in a high-intensity situation. It is recommended to supplement L-theanine every single competitive day. L theanine supplements are tremendously under-utilized supplements that can help you become a better soccer player. Football can be a pretty depressing game sometimes. Conceding goals to missing easy chances, footballers have to deal with all kinds of pressure. This can have a significant impact on a player’s mental state. 

Danny Rose, a left-back for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the England national team opened about his struggle with stress in 2018: “There’s pressure, there’s politics – there are loads of things. There’s so, so much more to football than what people see.” Consuming L theanine can make a lot of difference not only on the pitch but also off it. It helps with moods. It has been a catalyst for lots of people getting into L-theanine and experiencing the benefits. Whether it assists with anxiety, managing focus, managing depression or simply balancing caffeine’s side effects. 

BCAA Supplements For Football Players

Amino acids are used by your body for almost every body function. There are over 80 different amino acids but our body only uses only 20. Out of those 20, there are 11 that are non-essential amino acids which means that you do not need supplements with them. Now, out of those 9 remaining 3 play an important role in post-workout recovery and lean muscle building. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are called branched-chain amino acids commonly referred to as BCAAs. 

BCAAs are used by the body and necessary for bodybuilding and repairing muscle. When you are playing soccer your body needs amino acids. If you do not have enough amino acids available then your body will begin to break down protein. This can cause muscle soreness. So, consuming BCAAs as a pre-workout for soccer supplement as well as a post-workout for football players. It reduces fatigue and prevents muscle soreness. 

Footballers are used to injuries be it in a competitive match or training. Your natural muscle recovery can play its part in healing your injuries but only to some extent. To avoid serious injuries BCAA football can play an integral role. It will speed up your healing process as it plays an important part in the tissue recovery process and functioning of muscles.

Supplement Caffeine If Football Player 

Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients in supplements. It is a stimulant that replicates catecholamine in the body. It works by decreasing your rating of perceived exertion. It makes things easier. Caffeine has proved to be effective when it comes to soccer. It is going to increase your strength and power. Caffeine is the first thing you take before training. It is going to enhance your power during the training session. 

Caffeine is going to decrease fatigue. If you happen to not sleep that night and you take some caffeine. What it is going to do is decrease that fatigue and almost make it seem like you slept 8 or 9 hours that night. Now, timing is important. If pre-workout for soccer players is timed to take caffeine after every single workout and then not take in during one of their games. This could be a big issue because they are used to it, they become dependent on it. But, now they are not using it when it matters. Caffeine has also proved to be effective in decreasing weariness. It can raise your energy levels. Ever wondered how Soccer players play more than 90 minutes and even 120 minutes? They take supplements that consist of ingredients like caffeine. It can give you a boost to go a little harder. It would not be wrong to say that this is one of the best pre-workouts for football players’ supplements and its effectiveness can not be questioned.

Studies have shown that caffeine affects your central nervous system. It has a major effect on your brain. Caffeine is potentially affecting your brain in many ways. It may affect how well you send signals to contract the muscles and it may also affect the feedback. It can increase nerve conduction which will make your brain connected to your muscle. You will have harder contractions from the muscle if you take in caffeine. So, for instance, when footballers take caffeine they rate the training easier as compared to not taking caffeine. Several studies suggest you do not feel as much pain when you are training that is associated with pain.

Bottom line

Supplements are not the end-all-be-all miracle drug that’s going to turn you from being an amateur soccer player to a professional one. They are NOT steroids. The supplement is called a supplement because it supplements nutrients that you might not be getting from your diet. It is used to supplement a certain thing that you are not consuming enough but you need it. If you do have a solid diet and you are training hard, the best supplements for soccer players can be immensely beneficial. 

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