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Weight Gaining Tips: Foods And Supplements To Take


If you are eating a lot and not getting bulky results, do not get discouraged. As some people have a very fast metabolism. Due to this, no matter what you eat, how much you eat, you will not get fat. That is why you should consume weight gainer supplements. By supplementing mass gainers, one can gain weight at a faster pace. 

Reasons For Not Gaining Weight 

Fast Metabolism

Now the majority of skinny people will have a fast metabolism. To some extent, a fast metabolism might prove helpful, But, in this case, it is not. When a person has a fast metabolism, your calories will burn at a faster rate. Not only this, a person with a fast metabolism will burn calories even at rest. This is a major cause why most people stay thin. 

Less Sleep

For every human being, sleep is important. If you do not sleep for at least six to eight hours, forget gaining weight. Although many people cannot sleep due to several reasons such as a breakup, still you need to try. The reason behind this urge is that when you are sleeping, your body releases growth hormones. Sleeping is also a calorie conservation. If you want to get bigger, you have to save calories. So, sleep as much as you can. 

Weight Gaining Tips For Males

Weight Gaining Tips For Males

For a person with a fast metabolism, gaining weight is not an easy task. Not only this, but if you push yourself to a greater extent, things might not stay safe. Thus, here are a few natural ways that can help men gain weight fast:

1- Eat An Excessive Amount Of Calories

The best way to gain weight fast for males is to increase your calorie intake. That is why go for the foods that are rich in calories. Also start slowly and then build up. Start by taking 300-500 calories more than you burn each day. Then increase your calorie intake to around 700-1000 calories. But, how are you going to determine how much amount of calories you are consuming? Well, for that, you can use a calorie calculator. Although a calorie calculator will not provide the exact data, you can get an idea. 

2- Consume Protein

The muscle of a human is made up of protein. Thus, to improve your muscle strength, you need to consume protein. It is important to consume a large amount of protein. In this way, you can burn more calories in your muscles. Yet, it is important to stay cautious. As protein may also reduce your appetite. You can eat eggs, seafood, and meat as they are a rich source of protein. 

3- Don`t Drink Water Before Meals

Drinking water before a meal is the worst idea you could get all day. The reason behind this is that drinking water can fill your stomach. Due to this, you will not be able to eat enough food. Thus, you will not consume the required calories. 

4- Eat More Often

The best thing about increasing weight is that you can eat whatever you want and whenever you want. Thus, it is recommended to eat a meal or a snack at any time you want. Such as before going to bed. 

5- Go For The Weight Gainer Shakes

Weight gainer shakes help you a lot in increasing your weight. A weight gainer shake is highly recommended because it contains a high amount of protein, calories, and carbohydrates. 

Apart from these tips, there are a lot of things that can help you gain weight. Thus, here are the best exercises to gain weight. 

Weight Gaining Exercises For Men

Weight Gaining Exercises For Men

Eating is not the only solution to this problem. If you want to gain weight, you need to do some of these exercises. 

1- Push-Ups

Whether you a fan of workout or not, you must have tried push-ups. You may think that push-ups are easier and simpler than other exercises, yet you are wrong. Push-ups are one of the toughest exercises. But, although tougher, the reward of doing push-ups is no less. If you do this exercise regularly, you can build your muscles in your arms and shoulders. So, how to do a push-up:

  • Lie face down on the ground
  • Put hands on the ground, with your arms on the sides
  • Push your body up until you have fully extended your arms. Make sure that your legs and stay straight. 
  • Go back down and touch your nose with the floor
  • At Least do five to ten push-ups in the beginning

2- Pull-ups

Although you can do this exercise at home, you still need some sort of pullup bar. As without any such object, you cannot do pull-ups. Similar to push-ups, doing pull-ups can also build your arm and shoulder muscles. 

  • Start by clutching the bar with both hands. 
  • Pull yourself up until your feet are not touching the floor
  • Continue to pull yourself up
  • Go up until your chin is above the bar
  • Come back down slowly and straighten your arms.
  • Slowly return to your normal position and straighten your arms

3- Overhead press

Again you will need a bar for this exercise. But the bar you use for this exercise is not similar to the last one. You will need a weighted bar for this exercise.  If you do overhead presses regularly, you will not only build your arm and shoulder muscles, but your back, abs, and legs will also be built. 

  • Grip the bar with your hands
  • Lift the bar, take it above your chest
  • Slowly take the bar above you until both your arms have become straight
  • Slowly bring the bar back to its normal position

Apart from these exercises, some foods can help you gain weight. Read on below to find out more about these foods.

Weight Gaining Food For Males

Weight Gaining Food For Males

Foods play a vital role in making you fat. You may think that if one has a fast metabolism, eating foods can never help. But this is not correct. If you eat the right amount and type of food at the right time, you can gain weight. So, here are the best foods that can help men gain weight faster. 

1- Milk

For decades and perhaps centuries, milk has been the best and most common way of building muscles and gaining weight. Milk contains everything one needs to gain weight. Remember when you were a kid, your mother would say that you would not grow if you do not drink milk. It seems that our mothers knew about it from the very beginning. Milk is a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. In addition to this, a study has shown that consuming milk can lead to a greater weight and mass gain than the other protein sources. But, do check if you are lactose intolerant or not. As milk contains whey protein. So, if you are lactose intolerant, find an alternate. 

2- Rice

Rice is a rich source of calories that your body desperately needs. In just one cup of cooked rice (165 grams) there are 190 calories, 43 grams of carbohydrates, and a little amount of fat. Research has shown that rice is very calorie-dense. This means that a small amount of rice a single serving perhaps can provide a high amount of carbs and calories. This way you can eat more food. Although rice is very helpful in gaining weight, it is important to stay cautious. As if you consume rice daily in a large amount. The reason behind this is that apart from the high amounts of calories, rice contains arsenic and phytic content. 

3- Nut Butters and Nuts

If you are looking to gain weight, nuts and nut butters should be your optimum choice. If we look at the numbers, we can see that only a small amount of almonds contain more than seven grams of protein and at least eight grams of healthy fat. Similar to rice, nuts are also very calorie-dense. Due to this, you can add hundreds of calories by just eating two handfuls in a snack or a meal. 

Weight Gaining Tips For Females

Similar to men, women also suffer problems due to their less weight. That is why girls also need a solution. That is why here are some ways that can help you ladies out. 

1- Eat Carbs And Fats

Eating a high amount of carbohydrates and fats can help you a lot. If you want to gain weight quickly, as many ask how women gain weight fast, you should consume carbs and fats in every meal. You should also stop doing intermittent fasting. This is helpful if you want to lose weight. But if your goal is to gain weight, then you should eat everything in your way. Also, eat at least three meals daily. If this is not working, add energy-dense snacks when it is possible.  

2- Add Cream To Your Coffee

If you want to gain weight, you should increase your calorie intake. Another significant way to that is by adding cream to your coffee. This way you can increase the calories in your coffee. 

3- Use Bigger Plates 

As I have mentioned before, to gain weight, you gotta eat more. Thus, it is advised to use bigger plates. By using bigger plates, you can eat more food, and thus, you can consume a larger amount of calories.  Also if you cannot get a large amount of calories, consume weight gainer supplements that can provide you with a required amount. 

You cannot only depend on these three tips to gain weight. To get proper results, you should do some exercises as well. So, here we go. 

Weight Gaining Exercises For Females

Weight Gaining Exercises For Females

Similar to men, women also have to do different exercises to gain weight. Thus here are the best three exercises to gain weight fast for females. 

1- Squats

You may think that squats are easy, but this is not true. If you do squats on regular basis, you can build muscles in your butt and legs. So, how to do this exercise? 

  • Stand straight and keep your feet hip-width distance apart
  • You should put your both hand on your hips
  • After this, you should flex your abdominal muscles
  • Lower yourself down using your legs
  • Get into a seated position
  • Keep going until your thighs are parallel to the ground
  • It is important to keep your upper body still

2- Lunges

Lunges are a common exercise that you can do anywhere you want. Lunges can help a lot as they increase your leg and butt muscles. 

  • Stand straight
  • Again flex your abdominal muscles
  • Extend your one leg, (right or left) 
  • Lean forward until your knees are at a 90-degrees angle
  • Push on your heal and get back to the initial position
  • Do the same exercise with your other leg

3- Bench Press

Although this exercise can be done at home, you still need to have some equipment. You should have a flat bench and a weighted bar. Bench presses are highly important for you ladies. As they can build your shoulders, tricep, and chest muscles. 

  • Lie on the bench on your back
  • Extend your arms to hold the bar
  • Bring the bar down to your chest
  • Raise the bar until your arms have fully straightened

Although these exercises provide great assistance, you still need to do something extra. That is why you should try the foods written below. 

Weight Gaining Foods For Females

Weight Gaining Foods For Females

Eating foods is the best way to gain weight. As you can get a lot of benefits from them as well as they are delicious. Thus, here are the two best foods for you. 

1- Salmon and Oily Fish

Similar to meat, salmon and oily fish are great sources of healthy fats and proteins. The majority of fish including salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty are very helpful as they fight various diseases. If we look at the numbers we can see that only one six-ounce of salmon provides at least 350 calories and four grams of omega-3 fatty acids. 

2- Whole-Grain Bread

Whole-grain breads are another good way to gain weight. If you mix the whole-grain bread with protein sources such as eggs and meat, you can create a very simple, high-calorie, and well-balanced meal. 

Foods and exercises are extremely helpful, yet there is something better than all these. That is the weight gainer supplement. Thus, here are the best mass gainer supplements. 

Weight Gainer Supplements

Supplements help a lot in gaining weight. Yet the effect of these supplements depends on their ingredients. If you want to gain weight with a fast metabolism, you should try these mass gainer supplements. Thus, here are the best ingredients of mass gainer pills. 

Ingredients Of Weight Gainer Supplements

1- Glutamine

Glutamine pills are essential for you when it comes to gaining weight. As an amino acid, glutamine is the building block of protein. Thus, consuming a large amount of glutamine supplements can provide great assistance. 

2- Creatine

Creatine supplements are extremely helpful. Creatine can increase muscle mass and improve your strength. Creatine can also help you recover after an intense session of exercise. 

3- Casein 

Casein is a slow-digesting protein. Casein supplements release different amino acids at a slower pace. Thus, people consume casein protein before going to sleep. Studies have shown that casein can help in boosting muscle growth.

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