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Best Weight Loss Pills: Benefits & Side Effects


Weight loss pills are specially manufactured capsules that increase your metabolism while depressing your appetite. This way the fat burning pills induce weight loss. The weight loss supplements have a lot of benefits. Due to which there are a lot of weight loss tablets available in the market. Taking weight loss pills regularly will erase the need for workout. 

Do Weight Loss Pills Actually Work? 

Although many medical experts believe that the diet pills are of little use, on the contrary, they can prove to be helpful. The reason behind this is that the best weight loss pills contain the ingredients which can be effective. Moreover, taking a small amount of these ingredients separately will not cause problems. 

As some of these fat-burning ingredients can help in weight loss when taken separately. If you consume the best diet pills for at least six months regularly, you may be able to lose five to ten percent of your weight. This may seem a bit disappointing, but many experts believe that this is the best way to lose weight. As controlled weight loss for a long time may help in preventing the diet pills side effects. 

How Diet Pills Work? 

Mostly all the weight loss pills suppress your appetite to help you lose weight. A weight loss pill initiates the state of satiety. Leptin is a satiety hormone that signals the system to induce a state of satiety. It functions by communicating with the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is your brains portion that maintains your food consumption and appetite. The satiety hormones make you feel full. This way, when you eat less amount, you can lose weight. 

How are Fat Burning Pills Made? 

Nowadays, you can find weight loss pills from any famous market. However, this may not be safe. As many of the diet pills made in these kinds of places are not certified. That is why you should buy the weight loss tablets from only the best and most trusted companies. The best weight loss pills are made with pure and healthy ingredients. Moreover, all of the fat burning pills are certified. Making them safe for the consumers.

Types of Weight Loss Pills

The FDA (Food and drug administration) classifies the weight loss supplements in two major types. Appetite suppressants and fat blockers. 

Appetite suppressants:

The following type of weight loss supplements helps in weight loss by reducing appetite. The appetite suppressants have an important ingredient with the name of phentermine. Phentermine plays a vital role in reducing appetite. As this ingredient puts pressure on the nervous system. 

Fat Blockers:

Unlike the appetite suppressants who reduce appetite, the fat blockers focus on one thing. That is to stop the excessive amount of fat. That is why the fat blocker supplements prevent the fats from absorbing. Due to this, your blood is not supplied with fat. Besides, the useless fat leaves your body with stool.

Ingredients Of The Weight Loss Supplements

Ingredients Of The Weight Loss Supplements

Each ingredient of the weight loss pills have their own specialty. Due to this, the weight loss tablets provide you with countless amounts of benefits. To get a better look at it, here is a list of the functions, benefits, and certifications of the diet pills. 


The beta-glucan is a soluble fiber. Basically, beta-glucan is found in natural cereal grains, yeast, and some mushrooms. Moreover, you can also use the beta-glucan as a supplement. The beta-glucan supplements are easy to consume. Furthermore, the beta-glucan powder can be very beneficial for those looking to shed some weight. As the beta-glucan tablets can help you lower your cholesterol levels. The beta-glucan supplements also improve your blood sugar management. Not only this but the beta-glucan supplements also improves your immune systems. 


Caffeine is an important ingredient of weight loss pills. Each weight loss tablet contains 100 to 200 mg per serving. caffeine is quite helpful for the human body. Although consuming caffeine cannot make you lose weight, yet, it can help in boosting the process. if you take the right amount of caffeine supplements, it can prevent gaining weight. 

Caffeine supplements can make you lose weight by supporting appetite suppression.  consuming caffeine can also aid in calorie burning. Caffeine improves your energy use even when you are asleep or at rest. Due to this, Caffeine also raises the levels of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a process that generates energy through food digestion. 


We know that chromium is a mineral. There are two types of chromium minerals: hexavalent and trivalent. Hexavalent is a toxic mineral, and it is mainly used for industrial purposes. While trivalent on the other hand is safe to use. Many foods and plants contain a trivalent state of chromium. However, your body cannot produce chromium by itself. That is why you need to consume the necessary amount of chromium. 

The main purpose of a chromium supplement is to enhance insulin. Insulin is a hormone that plays a major role in turning food into energy. Moreover, insulin also helps in storing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Thus, many scientists and nutritionists believe that consuming the right amount of chromium supplements can help in reducing your appetite. Chromium tablets can also improve your lean muscle mass. 


According to a study, it has been concluded that the consuming fucoxanthin supplements can help in a gradual weight loss. The reason behind this is that the fucoxanthin tablets contain 300 mg of pomegranate seed oil and 300 mg brown seaweed. This not only helps in weight loss, but consuming a good amount of fucoxanthin Supps can also help in liver fat loss. 


Glucomannan is a soluble fiber that comes from the konjac root. You can get glucomannan from supplements, different foods, and juices. The main ability of glucomannan supplements is that they can absorb a large amount of water. Moreover, the following mentioned weight loss supplement is a major dietary fiber. The water-absorbing property of glucomannan can help you in weight loss. 

Guar Gum

As a major dietary fat, the guar gum supplements can play a major role in reducing weight. Guar gum can initiate a state of satiety. This way you will feel full on major occasions. Furthermore, the guar gum tablets also prevent your body from absorbing fat. However, you can only get the advantages of the guar gum ingredients if you take the right amount of dosage. 

Best Weight Loss Pills

As the demand for weight loss pills is increasing in the market, the number of supplements has increased. You can find tons of fat burning supplements on any platform. However, the majority of the diet supplements in the markets are either fake or low-quality products. That is why you should know the best weight loss supplements. 

1- Hydroxycut Supplements

Hydroxycut is a supplement brand. You can get various Hydroxycut products such as pills, supplements, tablets, and capsules. To lose weight you should buy the Hydroxycut pro clinical weight loss supplement. Some ingredients of the Hydroxycut supplements are: 

  • Caffeine
  • Lady’s mantle extract
  • Wild olive extract 
  • Komijn extract 
  • Wild mint extract 

Basically, Hydroxycut tablets consist of certain ingredients that ensure weight loss. The major and most important ingredient is caffeine. We know that caffeine can boost metabolism and increase fat burning. However, caffeine only has a short term effect. As time passes, your body will start to adjust. This is where the other ingredients come in. A scientific study suggests that if you supplement komijn extract tablets or capsules every day for at least two months, you can witness significant weight loss. 

2- Trimspa Weight Loss Supplements

In recent times, Trimspa weight loss pills have become one of the most famous in the market. The main reason behind this is the effectiveness and quick reaction of the Trimspa weight loss Supps. The Trimspa fat burning pills contain: 

  • Chromium
  • Green tea extract
  • Hoodia Gordonii 
  • Glucosamine HCL

The ingredient glucosamine can help in increasing the time that glucose stays in their bloodstream after a meal. This could increase appetite suppression. Moreover, the Trimspa supplements also contain chromium. We know that chromium is a mineral, and it intensifies insulin. As chromium helps in storing carbs, fat, and proteins many scientists believe that it can help in weight loss. 

Moreover, green tea extract boosts the process of thermogenesis. As we have discussed earlier that thermogenesis is a process that helps your body burn calories and produce heat and energy. As green tea extract can boost this process, you can burn more calories. This way you can lose weight. 

3- Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Basically, Garcinia Cambogia is a tree in Indonesia. But, many professional supplements companies extract the fruit and manufacture weight loss supplements. The main reason behind this is that it can help in speeding up weight loss, reduction of appetite, and can improve exercise endurance. Garcinia Cambogia supplements contain hydroxycitric acid.

Hydroxytic acid restrains an enzyme that helps your body in storing fat. This way, the fat is burned in the form of calories. Moreover, consuming Garcinia Cambogia pills can improve the neurotransmitter serotonin levels. This way your mood may be enhanced. Reducing the stress-related eating. Many scientists believe that the Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplements can help in short term weight loss. 

4- Orlistat (ALLI)

The Alli weight loss pills are considered as one of the best in the business. The Alli weight loss supplements work by preventing the breakdown of fats in your guts. Orlistat stops the work of lipase. Lipase is an enzyme in your digestive tract. Lipase functions by breaking down dietary fat so that it can be used for energy. 

But, when you eat your meal with an Alli supplement, almost 25% of the consumed fat is not broken down. As you will be consuming a lesser amount of fat, you will gain less weight. It is concluded that if you consume the Orlistat supplements daily and regularly, you can lose up to six pounds. 

5- Raspberry ketones

For the past couple of years, scientists have been studying whether the raspberry ketones are helpful or not. The majority of the studies suggest that the raspberry supplements can play a major role in making you lose weight. If we look at the molecular structure of ketones, we will see that it is very similar to the other two molecules: Capsaicin and stimulant synephrine. 

The studies show that all of these molecules can boost the metabolism. Moreover, a study on mice shows that the raspberry ketone tablets can improve fat break down. Moreover, the raspberry ketone pills also help in the release of the hormone adiponectin. 

6- Green Coffee Bean Extract

The green coffee bean extract is derived from the unroasted coffee beans. Although they are unroasted, the effect will be the same. We have discussed that caffeine plays a vital role in weight loss. The green coffee for weight loss supplements also contain chlorogenic acid. The chlorogenic can assist to boost fat metabolism, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and help in obesity-related levels of hormone. According to a study in the year 2017, it was proved that consuming at least 400 mg of green coffee bean extract powder for eight weeks can result in gradual weight loss. 

7- Meratrim Supplements

The Meratrim supplements are a combination of two major herbs, Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia mangostana. Through these herbs, the Meratrim pills can prevent the fat cells from Multiplying. Moreover, the Meratrim supplements can also reduce the ability of the fat cells to pick up fat from the bloodstream. This way, the fat cells can burn the stored fat. 

8- Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Many experts and scientists have done various studies on the Cla supplements. A study on mice shows that consuming a good amount of Cla pills can help in: 

  • Reduction of food consumption
  • Boosts the burning of fat
  • Raises the levels of fat breakdown
  • Prevention in the production of fat

Moreover, a study on humans also shows that the Cla omega 6 supplements help in fat loss, gain in muscle mass, and the reduction in body fat. 

9- Forskolin

The Forskolin supplements reduce weight by releasing the stored fats from the fat cells. Moreover, the Forskolin pills also support the suppression of appetite, contraction in the ability of digestion, and increase in the rate of metabolism. Many experts believe that the Forskolin tablets may result in weight loss while conserving muscle mass. 

10- Bitter Orange

The bitter orange supplements contain a helpful compound synephrine. Synephrine can be very significant for the people who want to lose weight. As the bitter orange pills can help in reducing the appetite. Moreover, the bitter orange tablets can burn fat. Due to this, you can lose weight. 

Side Effects Of Weight Loss Pills

Side Effects Of Weight Loss

The weight loss supplements may seem “perfect”, but this is not the case. Although the fat burning pills can make you lose weight in a matter of weeks, they may hold several side effects. So, what are the side effects of diet pills? 

1- Heart Problems

Consuming a large amount of weight loss pills can result in an increased heart rate. The weight loss supplements contain stimulants. Stimulants can make a person more alert. While they can decrease the interest in food. The stimulants may also increase your metabolism. When your metabolism speeds up, the heart rate will speed up as well. 

Moreover, the diet pills also raise the levels of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis may also affect your hemodynamic variables, such as heart rate and blood pressure. A study has also determined that consuming thermogenesis supplements may result in a weight loss heart attack.

2- Liver Disease

People who take weight loss pills suffer from various liver diseases. For example, consuming a large amount of weight loss supplements can result in inflammation. Moreover, according to a study, 12% of the 17 people who consumed the diet pills suffered from weight loss liver problems. If you do not get a liver transplant, this problem can get worse. 

3- Diarrhea

The weight loss supplements such as forskolin can be the major cause of weight loss diarrhea. The forskolin supplements can cause diet pills diarrhea due to their activity in the intestines. This can prevent the supplement from absorbing. Although a lot of people handle weight loss pills with ease, many people can face problems.  

4- Bloating

When you consume the weight loss supplements in an excessive amount, you might face diet pills bloating. The main reason behind this is that the weight loss pills can start methylcellulose swelling. Although methylcellulose can be helpful in many ways, it can cause gas in your stomach. Due to this, you can face weight loss bloating when you consume weight loss pills. 

5- Insomnia

Although insomnia cannot cause much damage to your body, yet, it can cause minor problems for some time. The weight loss supplements contain caffeine. Consuming an excessive amount of caffeine can be harmful, as caffeine provides energy. When you consume the weight loss supplements too close to your sleeping time, you may not be able to sleep. Thus, it is wise to take the weight loss supplements at least six to eight hours before your sleeping time. In this way, you can avoid weight loss insomnia. 

Bottom Line

Weight loss pills can assist in several things. If you consume the right amount of weight loss tablets, you might not feel the need for an intense workout. However, it is important to stay cautious, as you can suffer from numerous side effects.

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