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Why Fat Burning Pills Are So Dangerous


Losing weight is a big hassle. Spending hours at a gym and following a specific diet plan help to shed some pounds but not within days. It is a slow process that typically takes months. But some people are on pins and needles. They want to lose weight overnight. For that purpose, they use fat burning pills. These pills help to stimulate the fat burning process in the body and helps to burn fat more quickly and lose weight. These dietary supplements burn fat, increase energy expenditure, and fat metabolism in the body.

Using these pills may seem like a magical solution but it can have some seriously unwanted consequences. They contain ingredients that are not backed up by any scientific research. Besides these problems, there can be a lot of other unwelcoming outcomes you may encounter. So let us come to know what makes these fat burning pills so dangerous.

1) Unresearched Products

Proper research is conducted on all the chemicals used in any type of pills. But that is not the case with fat burners. Not all the fat burning pills contain natural and healthy products in them. In fact, there are a lot of fat burners in the market that contain harmful substances in them. A lot of companies use the products that are not backed up by any scientific evidence of their usage. Having unresearched products in the fat burners make them so dangerous to use. In severe cases, they can even result in the death of a person.

2) They Can Damage Your Liver

Despite that the companies claim these supplements to be safe, they have some ingredients that can even damage your liver. There have been reported cases of hepatotoxicity. There are some cases where fat burners have caused acute liver failure. In some cases, the damage was so bad that it even led to liver transplantation. A 28-year female bodybuilder, who had not faced any liver problems before, was admitted to the hospital. Within one week, her symptoms worsened and she was diagnosed with acute kidney failure because of using fat burning pills.

3) Risk Of Heart Attack

Undoubtedly, obesity is one of the main risk factors that can cause a heart attack. But taking fat burning pills can significantly increase the risk of getting a heart attack. Taking fat burners may seem an easy escape from doing intense hard work to lose weight. But it severely affects your cardiovascular health. The chances of getting heart attacks and Cardiac Arrhythmia get high when you are regularly taking fat burners. There are a lot of fat burning pills that have been banned in the USA because of their lethality for the heart.

4) Fat Burning Pills Can Cause Insomnia

Caffeine is the most commonly used stimulant in fat burning pills. It is because the caffeine-rich pills are used in controlling blood glucose levels in the body. They are added in the fat burners because they help the body to absorb glucose and promote weight loss. But consuming caffeine on a regular basis can cause the problems of insomnia. Sleeplessness can ultimately lead to weight gain. So all the effort you did to lose your weight goes in vain.

5) Fluctuation In Blood Pressure

Some countries have banned the ingredients contained in most fat burning pills. It is due to the fact that these ingredients can possibly cause fluctuation in blood pressure and hypertension. Fenfluramine, caffeine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine (PPA) result in hypertension. Your central nervous system (CNS) gets stimulated by these compounds to suppress your appetite. Having long term increased blood pressure can damage your blood vessels.

Due to the facts mentioned above, a lot of experts do not recommend using fat burning pills as they can do more harm than good. But taking these pills for a short time, keeping a balanced diet and doing exercise can save you from these problems. Plus, always pay attention to the ingredients used in these pills to stay safe.

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